Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones
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They fucking killed it last night.

Man this season is going all out. They ain’t fucking around with shit.


Internet be tough with spoilers right now. Most of me wants to watch Ep. 2 because its GoT but the other part is I don’t want that shit spoiled for me before I do so.


So did you watch it?


Seriously awesome shit happening. Stuff I thought and hoped would happen, but never quite sure what to expect. Can’t wait for more!

How do you spoiler tag something?


I did. It was pretty great. I think they used all of their twists/surprises for the season in that one episode.


[spoiler][’/spoiler], minus the apostrophe in the last tag

Or you can type ‘[’ and see the list of some options from a drop down. Like, [rainbow]MARIO IS A UNICORN[/rainbow]


Indeed, I fucking am.


Are you guys book readers, too, or just show watchers? I’ve read all the books, but not sure what discussion would make sense.


Just a filthy casual.


Shit’s practically caught up now, right?


Non-reader here.


As far as I’m aware, we’re past the point where the books are now.


If that’s the case, I wonder how much the current and future seasons will differ from the books.


They’ll be their own mostly separate entities is what I’ve read. They may slightly influence each but apparently they’re going their own ways.


Yeah, there’s a big sub-plot in the books involving Dorne and some other houses that has been written out of the series. Also some people have been killed off that are still alive in the books even before this season. So the show is definitely going to be different out of necessity at this point, but I think the major points are going to be there. Jon Snow for instance. Book readers have been waiting years to see him rise!

Arya’s story and the Iron Islands plot line are still catching up to where they’re at in the books, but they’ll be caught up pretty quick, I imagine. What we’re seeing with Jon, Tyrion, Cersei, Sansa, those are all plot lines that are new for everybody, and so far very exciting.


I’ve only read the first book so far.


I don’t even know how to feel right now. I’ve never watched a show that left me feeling so conflicted halfway through the season. I’m fucking struggling right now. This show can go fuck itself.


Been getting choked up all morning.