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A stylish sandbox-survival third-person shooter from the studio behind the Unreal Tournament and Gears of War series. Save the world from a mysterious purple storm in the co-operative campaign or go "battle royale" with the 100-player free-to-play player-vs-player mode.

First Released

July 25, 2017


Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, Xbox One, PlayStation 4


Epic Games, People Can Fly



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How do we not have a 1,000+ page thread on this game already. Anyhoo… the world’s most popular game is meeting the world’s fastest grossing movie this week.


Probably because we’re not the target market for the game, cough Twitch cough.

Also I got burnt out on battle royale games from playing PUBG and I have absolutely no interest in the building aspect of Fortnite.



I’ve tried it, seen the appeal, but it’s not my kind of game.


I didn’t realize that until now, but to be honest, I am/was kind of proud of that. This game has infested every other corner of the world, it was nice to get away from it…until now. I kid, it’s fine, but this topic will be immediately removed upon the first mention of any silverware. That is your only warning.


I’m a dumb ass


I’m super disappointed that as soon as you collect the Gauntlet, you can’t snap your fingers and instantly kill half the players. Missed opportunity.