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Serious, this game is greatness. I know not many of you play sports games and neither do I. Until, that is, I bought FIFA 17. I have been hooked ever since. The game at it’s core is so simple and so fun once you learn the basics. Even playing online is fun because they put you in “Divisions” based on your skill level so you’re never really in over your head.

But the main draw here is FUT(FIFA Ultimate Team). The goal here is to build the best team possible for play against the computer or against other FUT clubs online. These are build in one of 2 ways. You can “buy” card packs using the money you win from matches and daily/weekly challenges, or you can seek out certain players on the Transfer Market. Both options can be used to your advantage in order to make more money which can be used to buy better players.

Option 1 - Buy packs and hope for some great cards to either use or to sell on the Transfer Market. I’ve had some great luck with these. My first 2 “free” packs that were used to start a club with had 2 great players in them and I was able to flip them for 45k in coins. I was able to use those to field a really good team using players from the Calico A league in Italy.

Option 2 - The Transfer Market. Hello meta game. Here you can use your earnings to buy exactly who you want. You can also use it as a stock market of sorts in order to build up your finances. They even have websites that track the market and the players on there. You want to buy low and sell high, obviously. I started off with about 4k after initial match earnings and selling useless players from my packs(this after making 45k and spending it all on my Italian team). I have turned that into a nice profit of 140k+. It’s kinda stupid sounding but it’s oh so fun.

Just in case you guys are interested at all here’s some of my best goals from the last week from some online matches using my FUT teams. These are using my my squad of players from the U.S. and my squad of players from the Calico A Italian league. I just made enough to build a good English Premier League squad so I’ll have some next week from them.

Give this game a try. I think the demo is on the PS Store.


Well, you have convinced me. Downloading demo now. Will this fill that World Cup void?




I just spent almost all my bankroll last night upgrading my English Premiere League squad.

But never fear. Transfer Market is here to build it back up.

I have made Nicholas Otamendi a cottage industry. Buying him for 2000 coins max and turning around and flipping him for upwards of 5000. There are so many of them flooding the market that it’s easy to get them cheap and then prey on the lazy bidder. LOL


Because I pre-ordered the game I get a free Jumbo Gold pack a week for 20 weeks. In this pack I will get players, player contracts, uniforms, player chemistry(upgrades certain skill areas), and other some such. Yesterday the FUT gods were with me. In my pack I got Alexandre Lacazete which is like getting a Unicorn. I turned around and sold him for 250K in coins which is massive. I then used those profits to buy the baddest man in the EPL, Harry Kane. I then proceeded to destroy a few folks online. LOL. So it was a good weekend in the land of FUT.


This game is crack and I’m a whore.

Started my first online Season using my FUT team. Previous to this I had been just playing singular online matches or against Wicked Catfish. Love the online seasons. It’s broken down into 11 Divisions and you advance or get relegated(go down a division) based on the points earned. A win is worth 3pts, a draw is worth 1pt, and a loss is 0pts. You have 5 games to reach 9pts. You do that then you move up. If you reach 5-8pts you hold and stay where you are and if you score less than 5 then you get relegated and drop a division. Because of this it does a vary good job of leveling the playing field. After each game you will earn coins to spend on players but each team gets the same amount no matter if you win or lose.

Good fun stuff.

Next up, Wicked Catfish and I are going to play a co-op season online. That should be interesting.


Yes. This is still a great game. Here’s some highlights of my favorite Italian Striker, Ciro Immobile.

Most of the clips are against Wicked Catfish and he and I were playing a friendly “Rivalry Cup” most of the past week but some is against randoms. Random’s who foolishly don’t take control of their defenders. Ciro gonna slice up some AI.


So with your FUT team, are you playing or just watching the AI ?


With the FUT clubs you control the team. Just like any other sports game you control one player and the AI controls the rest but you can switch between players when on defense. For some reason a lot of folks, at least in the division I’m in, will run formations that are heavy on the D and buy players who are rated highly for their D. Then they just control a forward or attacker the whole time and hope for the best with their AI “D”. Problem is a lot of the defensive skills you pay for are best used when you control the defender since you control their actions.

FUT can only be played in a 1v1 standard game. But you can have co-op seasons where every single position on the field is controlled by somebody so it makes it 11v11 when online. Wicked and I have tried a few 2v2 co-op games over the weekend and it was awesome. Chaotic, but awesome.


Think of FUT as fantasy football. You assemble a team using players from all over the world. The key is making sure their “chemistry” is good. So it’s best to have players from all the same league, all the same nationality, or both. The “chemistry” affects how well they interact with one another and will lead to better passing and better back line defense. I have a team of players all from Calico A Italian league and a team made up of all EPL players. You also have to manage their contracts, injuries, fitness, and other things like that.