E3 2019

E3 2019
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Oh shit, is this a new Microsoft Flight Simulator?


Really hard to get excited about another DBZ fighting game after playing Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Oh, action RPG…?


Ok, what happened? I seriously fell asleep for the last 20mins


What in the hell…?


Hmmmmmmm…project Scarlet. Need more info before I get excited. Things like backwards compatibly, can I still play with X1 friends, etc. To be fair I was watching while grilling chicken outside so wasn’t really paying attention. LOL


“turn your Xbox One into your own personal and free xCloud server”

I assume this is just over your local network? What do you need on the other end?


RB6 Quarantine looks like it could be fun.

The Division movie with Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain will be a Netflix exclusive.


I was correct in not getting hyped for this year’s E3. I was “camping” all weekend and am just now getting caught up on all the press conferences and news and… I am depressingly underwhelmed. The conference that had the most games I’m interested in was the Kinda Funny E3 Showcase if that says anything.

Here are my mini reviews and impressions:

You kept hyping that you were going to bring a Gatling gun to a standoff where your opponent doesn’t even bother to show up and you brought a whiffle bat. The first part of the conference was promising. I liked the Jedi Fallen Order stuff (Sorry, @Jango, I loved the first Force Unleashed, so I’m hyped now) and Battletoads looked… fine. I loved the originals (Sorry, @Threctory), but that art style. Meh. Then everything after Keanu was absolutely terrible.

At one point, I pulled out my phone and just started playing GPK: The Game to pass the time. They could have just cut the entire last hour and I wouldn’t have even noticed. The Scarlett reveal was… nothing. Everything they said, Sony said 2 weeks ago in Digital Foundry or Eurogamer or some jazz interview and completely undercut this entire presentation. The Ninja Theory game looked… ugh. What a waste of a studio.

And I may sound like I’m being harsh, but I always judge the MS and Sony pressers by this criteria: Does this make me want to buy their console? And once again, the answer was a resounding NO! The best trailers they showed were things I can play on my PS4. Every first party/exclusive was a huge yawn for me. What was that atrocious Gears 5 thing? The game comes out in a few months and that’s what you show? Dreadful. And Halo Infinite… I have lost all faith that they can draft a story half as good as Halo Reach. Scratch that… a third as good, so that cinematic did nothing.

Okay, fine. The LEGO Forza thing looked fun. But… I hate Forza-style racing, soooo…

2 Gamepasses on Launch Day out of 5

Ugh. Talk about padding your press conference with junk just because you know EVERYONE is watching for that Avengers trailer. I think they showed one game prior to Avengers that looked even remotely like something I’d be interested in. Oh, and the Life is Strange 2 trailer I had to mute because I’m waiting to play all chapters at once. But that Avengers stuff! I need that. And the part where PS4 owners get exclusive stuff—just that little tidbit—beat every announcement in the entire MS conference.

3.5 Thor Puns out of 5 And the score is only this high due to Avengers

Ubisoft and Bethesda, nice shows. Not much for me. I’ll have to watch a recap to remember what they even showed.

Kinda Funny E3 Showcase.
There were 5 or 6 games I legitimately wanted from there, far more than any other presentation.

4 Shirtless Greg Millers out of 5

I have yet to watch the UploadVR thing, or Nintendo’s. I’m going to find a recap of the Kinda Funny stuff and post my favorite trailers in the Indie thread.


@DarthSmurfX I’m just really disappointed that the Jedi FO is such a cookie cutter safe play.



I like this take on battle royale.


It might be one I can finally play. And/or enjoy.