E3 2019

E3 2019
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Wait…dude just said they are reducing the amount of AI defense? WTF??? The community has be screaming for better defense for the last 3 titles. Lame.




Minecraft Dungeons looks dooooooooope


Bleeding Edge…meh


Aw sheeeiit, my boi Philly S droppin’ some truth bombs!


Hey look, more Force Unleashed 3. What is up with EA giving out SW game heroes a little robot on their back?


Hey now, Force Unleashed actually had some cool force powers.


So I’m giving Fallen Order too much credit when I call it Force Unleashed? I can see that.


Okay, that was a bit of a twist. Here I was assuming it was another Outlast game.



Speaking of, watch “Always Be My Maybe”. He owns in that movie.




Acting aside, he’s a national treasure. LOL


That release date is a lot sooner than I was expecting.


Battletoads was never good.


RPG Time looks cool


OK…a Lord of the Rings living card game? Fuck yes. Hey EA, take note because that is the kind of shit you should be doing with Star Wars


Does she come with Game Pass?




Oh, it’s for sure an ultimate pass. No thanks.


Ultimate Pass is only for Xbox One, the PC Xbox Game Pass is only $5 a month since XBL isn’t required on PC.