E3 2019

E3 2019
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I’m curious to try it, but not $130 curious. I’ll wait for the free tier.


I’ll be honest, only paying $130 to play games at the “highest settings for everything” compared to a high-end PC is a phenomenal deal for people that don’t have a high-end PC of their own. They only thing that could (will?) hold it back is input/stream lag.


Oh no doubt. But their offering seems a bit thin at this point. It’s essentially $130 to play Destiny 2.


Ah. Yeah, just having one game available makes the deal a bit “eh” for now.


That Star Wars showing suuuuucked. At least Apex Legends is up next and FIFA looks to be bringing back FIFA Street.


Live blog on Apex, please…


Sure. Here it goes.

*puts hand to mouth. makes fart noise

Serious. I can’t be this cynical, can I? Who relates to this dude bro who is hosting this thing?

Pretty sure he has that spray on hair stuff.

Hey look. A new Legend named Watson complete with a worthless animated backstory.

I think they announced a new game mode? Can’t tell though as so far everything has been geared towards the try hards.


Not really sure what Watson does. Looks like she sets up electric barriers.

Ohhhhhh…her father is the one who created the ring. So meta guys!!!

I think I liked it better when game designers were nerdy computer engineers. These guys look like they need a cool Taco truck and some Boba Tea


Watson’s super creates a barrier that protects you from arc stars and bombardments. Meh.


Guys, she grew up in the arena, ok.


You should live blog more often. Entertaining stuff, man.


Operation Metro? Time to dust off my explosives and LMG.

God, BFV is sooooo damn good to look at.

But let’s be clear, I’m just bidding my time until FIFA 20. I’m at that stage of my gaming career. LOL


Wait…the Pacific theater coming to BFV? Ffffffff yeeessssss.


Iwo Jima!!!


My daughter, who is reading the comments on the stream, keeps saying “jeez dudes, we get it. You want Skate 4, whatever that is” lol


FIFA Street rebranded as Volta and is part of FIFA 20. Sounds cool. I’ll probably get sick of it after after a week and go back to just playing FIFA FUT. LOL


They’ll make a mess of Volta and make it with no online play.


Pretty sure the host stole his classes from Sinbad. Goes good with his spray on hair.


Maybe this is Sinbad?