E3 2019

E3 2019
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Alas, no Sony at this year’s E3, but Microsoft just announced their Xbox Briefing so we might as well get the party started.


Having no Sony this year has me kinda down on this whole event. Can you put a picture of sad Keanu Reeves as the thumbnail for this year’s thread?

Or this?

Or this?


I had completely forgotten that Sony wasn’t going to attend this year.

Header image updated to reflect our infinite sorrow.


Your graphic is perfect.





Bringing Your Favorite Shows to Life: Developing Netflix Originals into Video Games.

That typically works out well.




That line-up—besides Jedi Fallen Order—looks abysmal. Like… that looks REAL bad. Also… Anthem has apparently been kicked to the curb.


Avengers - any word on what type of game this is?

EA - 4 hours?!?!!? Just give me a combined 20 minutes of Jedi Fallen Order and Apex Legends.


No one knows.


The video includes:
Ghost Recon Breakpoint
Rainbow 6 Siege
The Division 2
For Honor
“1 or 2 more things” - Yves Guillemont

I am really NOT feeling E3 this year.





Go on…



Early June is usually my favorite time of the year and I have Sony’s conference marked on my calendar and the TV reserved. This year, I barely even care that E3 is this weekend/next week. I blame Sony. If the PS5 is truly BC with PS4 (and PSVR), I have zero plans to switch ecosystems at this point, so it really doesn’t matter what MS announces. EA Play has Jedi Fallen Order, but that’s all I care about. Square has the Avengers and that’s all I care about there. I’m not expecting surprises at this point in the gen, so… I don’t know. The UploadVR conference and the Kinda Funny one should be cool, but I’m not expecting any Horizon Zero Dawn 2-level announcements at either.

Can someone give me some reason to be hyped this year? Anything? Without a Sony presser, I just can’t see anything to look forward to. Am I missing something?

I hate feeling this apathetic about gaming’s biggest month.
Thanks, Shuhei.


Today, Google announced a Stadia-focused event where it will share a number of details about the service’s launch. That includes the big three concerns: pricing, games, and “launch details,” which hopefully means an actual date. The reveal comes just ahead of a big week for games, with E3 in Los Angeles kicking off on Saturday. “Some news can’t wait for E3,” Google says. The event will be livestreamed on June 6th at 9AM PT / 12PM ET,…


WOW, what a STACKED lineup!