E3 2018

E3 2018
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Just going to warn you guys, I’m way behind on the pressers and always like to watch those before watching the trailers piecemeal, so I probably won’t be commenting again for some time. I’m not ignoring you, just ignoring my urge to drop everything for E3 this year.


I really thought that was going to say ‘SKATE 4’ at the end of the trailer. Oh well, this looks like it will fill that void nicely.


Bethesda’s conference was great! I don’t play almost any of their games, but they brought the humor and made it entertaining and Starfield might actually get me to open my wallet for them for the first time in years.

And I don’t mean to hate on Microsoft (well, maybe a little) because the conference wasn’t bad—they threw a TON of games at the audience and stuff, but it just solidified the fact that I’m not Xbox’s target audience. I play 2 shooters semi-regularly (Battlefront and Destiny), but the vast majority of my gaming time is spent with single-player, story-driven games and that is not MS’s wheelhouse. I think Tomb Raider fit that qualification… and that’s about it.

So that’s why I was bored to tears with their event, not because it sucked. Just to clarify.





New Trials game looks sweet.


Yes it does.



What the fuck is even going on with this conference…?



Sony’s conference was a hot mess. But the games looked good. I just don’t know how they go from having 3 stellar conferences in a row, to a forgettable one last year to… whatever this was. And even though they showed very few games, I still left wanting to play at least 5 of them.


Okay, so I’ve watched almost all of the conferences (minus PC and Devolver) and here’s my thoughts:

It was close. Microsoft won for presentation, but Sony won for content. Sony’s conference might have been a mess, but they showed me WAY more games I need to play on their system, whereas MS once again gave me ZERO reason to buy an Xbox. 90% of their reveals were things anyone could play regardless of which console they own, and of the exclusives they showed Halo Infinite was a title, Gears looked like Gears, Forza looked like Forza and Battletoads was a screen of bullet points. And Nintendo… I have no interest in ever owning a Switch, so this conference had nothing for me in it. I can see Smash fans going nuts, but other than that… meh.

As for the third party events, Square’s was my least favorite. I liked Bethesda’s presentation for their humor, even if they only had one game that interested me and it was only a title screen. Ubisoft had a lot. And EA showed off Anthem, but they get docked points for showing NOTHING for Star Wars except a General Grievous screen.

So… here are my rankings:


  1. Sony
  2. MS
  3. Nintendo

Third Party

  1. Ubisoft
  2. Bethesda
  3. EA
  4. Square



That poster is missing Days Gone on Feb. 22.