E3 2018

E3 2018
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I came so hard after the Division 2 reveal that I passed out and missed everything after that. Maybe it was a post hand coitus dream but did I hear something about a Gears PoP game?


4 player co-op like the division or destiny?


So far I’m disappointed that EA told us about the new Star Wars game and Battlefront 2 DLC and didn’t show ANYTHING. And MS’s conference was dull for me, EXCEPT FOR BATTLETOADS!!! I’m so envious of that franchise. And they also didn’t show any of it. But still—Battletoads. Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky, but if you like burly dudes shooting up post apacolyptic landscapes, Xbox is for you (Gears, Metro, Fallout, Halo, Just Cause, Dying Light, Division, Crackdown… they all just started running together). But Division 2 did stand out and looked pretty sweet. And Cyberpunk 2077 looked cool. Other than that I was bored and kept checking the time to see how much was left.

I hope Square, Ubisoft and Sony bring some of the good stuff.

Also, are 3 games launching on Feb. 22nd? Days Gone, Anthem and Metro? That’s crazy!


Bro you high.








Just going to warn you guys, I’m way behind on the pressers and always like to watch those before watching the trailers piecemeal, so I probably won’t be commenting again for some time. I’m not ignoring you, just ignoring my urge to drop everything for E3 this year.


I really thought that was going to say ‘SKATE 4’ at the end of the trailer. Oh well, this looks like it will fill that void nicely.


Bethesda’s conference was great! I don’t play almost any of their games, but they brought the humor and made it entertaining and Starfield might actually get me to open my wallet for them for the first time in years.

And I don’t mean to hate on Microsoft (well, maybe a little) because the conference wasn’t bad—they threw a TON of games at the audience and stuff, but it just solidified the fact that I’m not Xbox’s target audience. I play 2 shooters semi-regularly (Battlefront and Destiny), but the vast majority of my gaming time is spent with single-player, story-driven games and that is not MS’s wheelhouse. I think Tomb Raider fit that qualification… and that’s about it.

So that’s why I was bored to tears with their event, not because it sucked. Just to clarify.





New Trials game looks sweet.


Yes it does.



What the fuck is even going on with this conference…?