E3 2017

E3 2017
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All the VR. …

…looks like ass.


So I think Ubisoft wins E3 this year.

What a weird thing to say…


Spider-man. [drools]


Sony is finally uploading their official trailers.


That showing was ass aside from 2 pieces of DLC and God of War and SotC

Did I really see a Final Fantasy Fishing VR game? What in the actual fuck. …


Yeah, even as an owner of a PSVR, that whole show was a huge let down.


At least CoD looks purdy.


I guess post-PS4-launch Sony needs to have an underwhelming E3 presentation every once in a while.


Was it just me or was the pre-show more interesting than the main event?


BG&E is a prequel!?




While Sony was lacking in the surprises this year, they still had more games I want to actually play than any other conference. I think Ubisoft walks away with the overall win this year though. They came with the announcements and the surprises.

Ubisoft (Skull & Bones, SP, Crew 2, BG&E2)
Sony (Uncharted, Horizon DLC, Shadow of the Colossus, Detroit and SPIDER-MAN!!!)
Bethesda (overall presentation although none of the games really interested me)

Tied for last:
MS (BC, Metro and the rest all all multi-plats—Life is Strange, Anthem)
EA (Battlefront 2, A Way Out)


I will be playing this on Oct 27th


Really looking forward to Shadow of the Colossus.


Same. I missed SotC an ICO, but after playing The Last Guardian I’m really looking forward to more from that studio.



The CoD WW2 live multiplayer Q&A is a cluster fuck. Why would they choose to do it via Facebook live?


Still can’t believe that Final Fantasy VR Fishing is a thing. LOL


I only fished once in FF 15. I’d rather fish in WoW.


PSX. Probably. That seems to be their big show now, since they debuted The Last of Us 2 there.