E3 2017

E3 2017
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All Seasons of DLC are free! Fuck yes.


Shiver me timbers Sea of Thieves looks boring as hell.

Anthem though…yuss

I love how MS comes out pounding their chest about 22 exclusives. Turns out that 75% of them are timed release exclusives or ID games.

Also, do the gaming masses really care about 4K? It seems to me that this appeals to small crowd.







Xbox One X.



Agreed, on both points.

So I take it ‘Console Launch Exclusive’ is their way of saying timed exclusivity? It’s unfortunate that PUBG fell in that category. I’d rather play it on PS4.

Also, Cuphead, Sept 29th. Finally!


I saw a funny tweet “Xbox One X - The return of Zander Cage”


Love how all of MS’s trailers make sure to say 4K trailer. Reminds me of Idiocracy when a commercial would announce “now with more flavor blasting!”


Uhh, may not be entirely SFW…


Can’t believe I forgot to post Arc System Work’s new DBZ fighter.



So, I’ve been on media blackout all weekend. I was too busy to watch any of the press conferences until today at work (don’t worry, I was actually working while the things played on my second screen) and I just finished EA, Bethesda and MS’s.

EAs was boring until the Battlefront stuff. Although A Way Out looked pretty cool too. Everything else was sports or racing and I just tuned out.

Bethesda’s was entertaining. And they have TWO games coming out in mid-October? Did I see that correctly? They know how to put on a show.

MS’s… oh boy. That was so boring. I literally had to stop what I was working on to shake my head in disbelief as to what they were showing. Instead of being Debbie Downer and inundating everyone with why I thought they set the bar super low for Sony to hurdle over with ease, I’ll just mention what I liked. Metro looked good. Real good. Anthem looks like a Destiny killer. Original Xbox BC is super sweet. I’d love to replay Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 (but… not a whole lot else). Life is Strange prequel, also is a must buy for me. And Sea of Thieves didn’t look horrible, but if The Tomorrow Children has taught me anything about co-op games of that sort is that it only takes a few wretched individuals to ruin the game for everyone. Ori 2 looks good too. But other than all of the above (2 of which are coming to the PS4 anyhow) I saw no reason for me to own an Xbox One. I’d like to formally thank Don Mattrick for sending me down the correct path this gen.


I personally thought Bethesda’s was a giant waste of my time. Everything they showed we already knew about except their second attempt at paid mods for a 6 year old game, which I feel is going to bite them in the ass. Again.

Obviously seeing New Colossus in motion was great, but they have a new IP that they’re continuing to sit on.



That actually looks quite good.