E3 2016

E3 2016
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Pretty cool take in God of War.


Fuck yeah, I am on board for that.


Days Gone looks really really interesting.


Sony is on fire right now. Off to a great start.


I know I popped on VR but dat VR Star Wars and Batman Arkham…


Meh of Doody.


Oh man, get rekt Crash fans.


Not gonna lie, I thought the new CoD looked pretty cool. I hate myself.


Of course I’m getting this. I love me a LEGO game.





Well…that was very Kojima


Glad to see Norman Reedus stuck around.


So Spidey is a Sony exclusive?


Seems like it. Sony owns the character rights, but who knows.

Guess it’s Insomniac making the Spider-Man game, rather than Sucker Punch like was rumored.


Oh boy, another third person action zombie game.


Sony killed it!


Yup. And I’m a sucker for it.

I thought at first sight it was going to be The Last of Us 2 but a different story in that universe.


X-Wing VR?!?! Where’s my wallet?


I disagree. I felt this conference was pretty weak, save for God of War and the Horizon gameplay.

Oh, and Kojima being Kojima.