E3 2016

E3 2016
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Also it’s apparently always broken as hell.


I know what my Xmas present to myself is gonna be.


That VR doll-thingee?


I’ve somewhat enjoyed it. Definitely not something I think about playing but if I see a buddy or Jeremy me on, I’ll jump over and always have good time.




Everybody loves LeVar Burton.


I’m very addicted to it. The Division that is. People leaving was due to a few things. The Dark Zone portion of the game was shit at first and easily exploitable and folks were using cheats to beat some of the really hard stuff. Ubi fixed the exploits and the DZ leveling system and started perma banning players for using cheats and exploits. No warning, buhbye. You gone. Since then the douche factor is waaaaay down. The game since the last patch plays very differently then it did on day 1. I love it.


That’s the part I hadn’t heard anywhere. Maybe the DLC packs will bring some more people back.


That For Honor trailer was kinda cool.

Actually, the game looks pretty dope.


For Honor looks insane.


It’s like Bushido Blade meets Dynasty Warriors.


Bushido Blade was so good back in the day.


Ubisoft was on a roll and they just killed the momentum.




You guys aren’t excited to play Trials of the Blood Dragon? No? Either am I, but Bimble probably is.


Hey, Trials of the Blood Dragon looks pretty fun.


That was a great trailer. What they are doing now…


StEEP looks great. I’m a tad disappointed that it’s not VR.