E3 2016

E3 2016
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Yeah, that wasn’t a very exciting demo.


Okay, ignoring the in-screen commentary, Sea of Thieves looks pretty damn intriguing.


You mean with narration such as
A ship!


That MS conference was so boring. They had 3 games that appealed to me: Sea of Thieves, Halo Wars 2 and Us Happy Few and one of those will be coming to the PS4. I was not into Sea of Thieves last year, but seeing the gameplay from new players was so jolly. Very cool.

They announced the Xbox One S at the beginning of the show and killed it at the end. Who will by an Xbox One knowing it’ll be obsolete next year? It’s not a phone where you can get upgrades for free or cheap… it’s an expensive endeavor. Why dump $300 into a console right now if you can wait til next year and get 4K gaming? Or worse still… why buy an Xbox One when you can play EVERY game on Windows 10? I don’t get it. Am I missing something here?

So far:
EA - Abysmal.
Bethesda - Pretty cool although I doubt I’ll play most of those games. Prey looked pretty sweet.
MS - Boring. Most games they showed were announced last year and among the new ones: Tekken 7, Forza Horizon 3, Zombie game 1, Zombie game 2 were not exciting. Final Fantasy XV was unfortunate. Minecraft? In 2016? At E3? Taking up that much time? Scalebound was not amazing. Recore was fine. I’m not a Gears guy. And all of the features they took time out of their conference to announce coming to Live have been on the PS4 for months and did not need conference time for. A blog post would have sufficed.

Sony would have to do some majorly stupid things to lose this E3.

Ok… I’m done ripping into them now.

I’ll be back in 15 minutes for more.


I think they’re banking on Project Scorpio to be a slow integration, because I can only assume it’s gonna be a heavy cost of entry.


Listening to some talking heads right now and the thought is the Scorpio is going to frustrate developers because MS is essentially asking the to develop for the X1, Windows 10, and the Scorpio since they want all games to carry over from one place to another.


Yeah, I don’t know why anyone ‘in the know’ would buy an Xbox S with Scorpio right around the corner.


I thought the best part of the EA presser was the BF1 live stream match following it. Also Titanfall 2.

Bethesda got me wanting to jump back into Fallout 4 when the DLC drops, but that was about it. Prey was a huge disappointment and Quake doesn’t appear to be the Quake that people want. Dishonored 2 looks cool, but kind of boring to end with.

Dead Rising 4, Forza Horizon 3, Halo Wars 2 and Sea of Thieves were the highlights of the MS conference for me.


I will simply because I don’t currently have an XB1 and I don’t want to drop more than $500+ on something that’s probably just as equally powerful as my PC.


But if you already have a PC and with Play Anywhere - do you need the Xbox?


I don’t use Windows 10, so yeah.


Fine. You have a valid reason. I’ll allow it.


I’m playing it by ear, so that could always change.


No Crackdown 3?!


Surprisingly, yeah. Was expecting at least a gameplay trailer or even a release date announcement.


The power of the cloud.


Ugh, this PC Gaming Show is boring as shit.


Cliff Bleszinski: “Overwatch is a shooter made for like, anime fans. Lawbreakers is more like Mortal Kombat.”


Also, if I could ask a favor of you fine folks. I’m on media blackout for the remaining conferences, hence no NeoGAF/Twitter today, so if we could put leaks/rumors in spoiler tags until tomorrow, that’d be awfully swell.


Not to be a dick, but maybe don’t come into this thread for the next 24 hours instead? Also, chances are than if any new games get spoiled, they’re going to get their own threads.