E3 2016

E3 2016
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A picture is all you give me?! Where’s the deets?


Wow, didn’t know you were such a hardcore Quiplasher






You guys would be doing me a huge solid if you put a little something in for:




I know you want to!


It’s a good thing the dev sent Polygon the footage or else it would just be a video of the diver ramming himself face first into a rock wall over and over again.



Halo Wars 2 open beta will take place during E3, from June 13 to 20. Will show up in the store, not accessible through direct search(?), and is 13GB.


The only game on the XBO that has made me envious thus far… -sigh-

That looks so good.


Never played the first, but pretty sure I have it loaded on my XONE. Worth checking out?


I liked it.


Ugh, why even call it Prey…


Oh my god, that girl during the ESO panel.



Possible Wolfenstein sequel teased.


New XB1 is 40% slimmer and will retail at $299.


“starting at $299” which means the 2TB system is probably more.


Scalebound looks incredibly mediocre


From what I’m finding;

$299 - 500GB
$349 - 1TB
$399 - 2TB