E3 2016

E3 2016
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It was so good that I was able to suppress my lore rage to play it.


That’s some serious suppression!


Fo’ real.

Though I still felt Gollum was completely unnecessary and shoehorned in for fan service.


Totally, but I didn’t mind him being there, even though it was obvious why. I probably would have cared much more if the gameplay hadn’t been so fun.


Can we just FF already? I need a Red Dead announcement.


I assume this is what you want?


It might be time to begin this wallet killer game. They are really tugging at my 80s nostalgia heart-strings.

Not shown in the trailer… Beetlejuice. How do you NOT show Beetlejuice in that trailer???


Geoff Keighley is killing me.


As much negativity surrounds E3 year after year, I am halfway tempted to take Monday off. We’ll see.


Who are you hanging around? Wait. Forget I asked that…

E3 is like the most magical time of the year for me.





Did E3 start early ?


It always does.

Although they were able to hide the FF7 remake and Shenmue 3 last year, so who knows what surprises are going to drop next week.


Just because I know ya’ll were just scrambling to find the links.




Yeah. If you think your trailer will get lost in the E3 heavy-hitters barrage… releasing it now is very wise.

And Halo 3 Anniversary?!??! Who, in their right mind, believes 343 won’t botch this one like everything else they’ve touched? Is anyone clamoring for a 343 remaster of anything Halo related at this point?


Because they didn’t botch the Halo: CE or Halo 2 Anniversary games?

The Master Chief Collection was a whole different can of worms, but the single player for both of the remasters ran perfectly.

I’d take a Halo 3 remaster TBH, and I’d probably never touch the multiplayer.


They still put their name on it and are associated with the MCC to the general public. Us knowledgable insiders know who botched that game, but not Joe Best Buyer who got burned.

343 did ruin Halo 4. And the entire franchise for me.

Was Halo 5 enough of a turnaround to get the Halo fans that abandoned ship back?


Multiplayer; yes. Single-player; depends on who you ask. I enjoyed Halo 4’s story for the most part, save the last act, but I find Halo 5’s story to be a bunch of hot garbage.

Joe Staten has returned to 343i for Halo 6 after finishing his run at Bungie with Destiny, so who knows what’ll happen.