E3 2016

E3 2016
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Crap, hard to read image. Well, here are the top 10.

  1. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  2. Battlefield 1
  • God of War
  • Watch Dogs 2
  • Star Wars: Battlefront
  • South Park: Fractured But Whole
  • Crash Bandicoot Remastered
  • Spiderman
  • Titanfall 2
  • Resident Evil 7

I’m surprised by how much Zelda is in the lead, but them Nintendo fan boys like them their Nintendo.


I think Zelda got as much traction as it has simply because it’s such a huge change of direction compared to previous Zelda games, and gamers on all sides probably took notice.


Yeah, same could be said for God of War I guess. And Battlefield is probably where it is mostly for the gifs of stoned celebs streaming across the internet.


Best Reaction from E3:

  • Tim Gettys • Kinda Funny • Crash Remastered
  • Michael Huber • Easy Allies • Resident Evil 7
  • Other (link to video)

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Tim Gettys

Michael Huber (4th from the left)

The part I love about both of these is that if you have been watching their shows over the last few months (or years), you know how big a fan both of these guys are of these two series. So to have them both announced in the same conference and to have their surprised reactions recorded makes it that much better.


Soooooo… is this another Rise of the Tomb Raider situation?


I’m not big on reaction videos, but the Resident Evil one was pretty good.

I’m not sure if it felt more genuine that Tim Gettys to me, or if it’s just the fact that I think it’s crazy that anybody is that excited for Crash Bandicoot remastered games.

Although I’m also a little skeptical that someone is so excited for a new Resident Evil game in VR, when the trailer evoked very little from the Resident Evil franchise other than how the video looked when they picked it up. I guess if you are a fan of the franchise, however, you are a fan of the franchise, no matter how it looks.


Jeff beat you to it:



You win this time, Jeff.



And this is still my favorite reaction video from E3 so far:






Did you just double gif?




Sorry. I have to post this, because it made me laugh.