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Can’t wait.


I love Nolan’s movies. Can’t wait for this one!




I see Tom Hardy is covering his jaw again.


Bane reference?


Also Mad Max.


If you guys aren’t up to speed on the Battle of Dunkirk…here is some background.



This looks amazing.


Just went a saw this. Thought it was good but there were 2 things that bothered me.

Thought the time jumping was not needed at all. Even though it all comes back around I don’t feel it was needed.
Also, there was nothing at the end explaining why their survival was so huge to the war. It was a goddamn military disaster from a German POV. They essentially let 300,000 soldiers live to fight another day before the US was even involved in the war. Big mistake Jerry, Big mistake. Had this been made clear at the end or even during I thought it would have added more weight to it.

The Tom Hardy plot line was epic and the film was gorgeous and a bit of a throwback relying a lot on “theater of the mind” to create suspense and peril instead of pure raw carnage ala Saving Private.



Finally saw this. I really enjoyed it. Jango is right about the suspense. Aside from some planes, you never see the enemy, but the impending doom is always there.


I also finally got around to this and really enjoyed it. I thought the time jumps added to and mirrored the chaos of war a bit. Although I also felt that it was a little extraneous and there to just be like “look what we did”. BUT, the way it made the German bomber an ominous eventuality was pretty brilliant. I know it was crucial to the story but the small boat timeline was kind of meh, especially in comparison to the other but I’m sure it offering some respite to all of the war stuff was intentional.