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The nebulous and long-awaited spiritual successor to LittleBigPlanet by Media Molecule, focusing once again on user-generated content.

Expected Release



PlayStation 4


Media Molecule



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So, since you posted this, that makes you our local expert on all things Dreams and Media Molecule. WTF is this?


I don’t know.

You may need drugs to get this…


Is this a game or an animation tool ?






All of this will rely on the creativity of Dreams players, of course. But crucially, MM says, their work won’t be stuck in their walled garden. Everything players make in Dreams can be exported – to the game development platform Unity, for instance, or to 3D printers. If this works, Dreams (and the PS4) could instantly become one of the most creative tools in digital arts. If hints at other companion software, perhaps for Apple’s iPad, are realised, Dreams might be much more than a video game. Full-length animated movies, for instance, could be created in Dreams – and MM really hopes that artists will pick up that challenge.



Holy Crap!

I’m only about 2 minutes into the video, but I’m already sold. I wasn’t into Dreams with the previous trailers and demos, but now I see that they’ve basically added in a 3D modeling studio into a video game.

I miss doing this stuff. In a previous job, 3D rendering was part of my workload and when I wasn’t busy, I’d play around in it creating creatures and other things for fun and practice. This looks even easier.

Here’s some of my work:

I’m SO making Darth Smurf in 3D.



It’s definitely a game. It’s a tool as well because that’s how we
make it, and it’s a revolutionary tool. It’s a game you can enjoy, just
as LittleBigPlanet was. I know you’ll be able to boot the game, not have
understood the game and not have to care about any of the stuff we’re
showing and still enjoy yourself. Sit on the sofa, pop the Blu-ray in
and have a good time.

It will be story-led, I imagine – the reason we’re not talking about
it yet is because it’s in pieces at the moment. We think we know what
we’re going to do, but it’s not good enough to show you. Dreams has got
to stand as a fun experience. It’s got to be a pop culture, console
experience. How we do it is going to be innovative, I think.


I thought for sure this would be shown today. I guess PSX it is.


I was confused, then hyped, then forgot this existed and am now hyped again.

I can say without hyperbole that I have never seen anything remotely like Dreams in the 12 years that I’ve been visiting game studios. It has the potential to inspire millions in the art of game creation, in a way that goes much deeper than LittleBigPlanet or even Minecraft. On a less grandiose, but perhaps just as important level, it’s a way for any player to reconnect with their creativity, on as big or small a scale as they like.