Dragon Fin Soup

Dragon Fin Soup
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Dragon Fin Soup

Dragon Fin Soup is an action RPG set in a twisted fairy tale world. It is the first game from Grimm Bros.

First Released

November 3, 2015


PlayStation Network (PS3), PC, PlayStation Network (Vita), PlayStation 4


Grimm Bros, BlitWorks


Adventure, Role-Playing

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This is one of the free games this month, which I didn’t pay any attention to, but other than the narrator in the first trailer who is trying too hard, this looks like it could be a fun vita title. I am guessing nobody has checked it out yet with the Battlefronts and Fallouts out there, heh?


I Kickstarted it and played for a few minutes when it came out. It wasn’t quite what I expected, so I was a little ‘disappointed’ (but not really. It’s my own fault for not following development closely). I wanted a true tactics game but its more like real-time tactics or something. I need to delve into it a lot more but I think there’s something really good there. Plus, it’s free, so whatever.


That’s the part that actually looked interesting to me. I never stick with true tactics games. I tried playing Rainbow Moon on the Vita and just got burnt out. This looks similar to Crypt of the Necrodancer in the sense that it’s turn based, but each turn takes place every time you move or take an action with your character, not in a strict one turn at a time fashion. I think I could really dig that.


There’s a move counter that tracks each turn you take and it kept bugging me. Like, its was judging how many moves it took me to do something. Then I noticed in the trailer the other day that I think its actually keeping track in order to initiate the change from day to night and vice versa. That counter bugged me so much for some reason and I stopped playing.

The font style is pretty ugly but the game itself is pretty good looking and seems much deeper than we probably deserve.


Ha, interesting way to put that. I’ll have to check it out. My Vita has been collecting dust in my closet for far too long.