Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human
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Creepy. Also… I can’t wait to play this. Reviews come in tomorrow.


Metacritic score: 80
Opencritic score: 81

1337.Games: 9.6/10
20 Minutes: No score
3DJuegos: 9/10
4players: 85%
ACG: Buy
Alphr: 4/5
Area Jugones: 9.5/10
Ars Technica: No score
Atomix: 87%
Attack of the fanboy: 4.5/5
BGR: 4/5
CGM: 7/10
COGconnected: 84%
Critical Hit: 9/10
Cultura Geek: No score
Culture Jam: 95%
Culture of Gaming: 9/10
Daily Joystick Podcasts: 10/10
Daily Star: 4/5
Destructoid: 7/10
Digital Chumps: 6.5/10
Dualshockers: 9/10
Easy Allies: 8.5/10
EGM Now: 8.5/10
EmuGlx: 9/10
Entertainment Weekly: B- Essential 9/10 Essential No score Recommended
Fandom: 3.5/5
Finder: 8.5/10
Fragstorm: 100%
Gadgets 360: 6/10
Gamalive: 5/5
Gameblog: 8/10 + Editor’s Choice
Gamehype: 90%
Gamekult: 7/10 + Editor’s Choice
Gameinformer: 8/10
Gamepro: 80% 8/10
Gameractor: 9/10
Gamerzone: 9/10
Gamersky: 9.3/10
Gamersyde: No score
Gamespot: 7/10
Gamesradar: 4.5/5
Gaming Boulevard: 10/10
God is a Geek: 5/10
Gosunoob: 8/10
GRYOnline: 7.5/10
Hardcore Gamer: 4.5/5
Hobby Consolas: 92%
IGN: 8/10
Inside Gamer: 8/10
Itavisen: 8/10
Jeux Actu: 18/20 17/20
Jeuxvideo-Live: 8/10 No Score
Journal du Geek: 8/10
Julien Chièze: No score
JV France: 9/10
Kotaku (US): No score
Kotaku (UK): No score
Les Numériques: No Score
L’info tout court: 9.6/10
M3: 6/10
Meristation: 8.5/10
Merlin’in kazanı: 87%
Metro: 6/10
Millenium: 85%
New Game Network: 78%
Next Gen Gaming Blog: 7.5/10
PlayStation Enthusiast: 9/10
PlayStation Lifestyle: 8.5/10
Power Unlimited: 87%
Power Up!: 9/10
Press Start: 9/10
Progress Bar: 9.5/10
PSBloggen: 6/10
PSX-Sense: 9.5/10
Push Square: 7/10
PXL BBQ: 9/10
Riot Pixels: 85%
SC Gaming: 7.5/10
Shacknews: 9/10
Sirius Gaming: 9.5/10
SpazioGames: 9/10
Spiegel Online: No score
T3: 4/5
The Enemy: 3/5
The Sixth Axis: 9/10
Tom’s Guide: 6/10
Twinfinite: 4.5/5 + Editor’s Choice
US Gamer: 3.5/5
Vandal: 9/10
Variety: No score
Venturebeat: 88/100
Video Chums: 8.5/10
Videogamer: 4/10
War Legend: 14/20
Wccftech: 8.5/10
We got this covered: 4.5/5 No score
XGN: 8.5/10

I can’t wait for tomorrow.


The few reviews I’ve read all seem to suggest that David Cage’s writing had an editor this time, one that wasn’t Cage himself.


He also wasn’t the only writer.


I don’t know how far I am in the story—I assume 75% done—but this game has NOT disappointed at all. At this point, it’s my Game of the Year 2018. That could change depending on how it ends and how good Spider-man is. My favorite parts are the Kara/Alice scenes as they make those 2 characters so likable and well-crafted and their playable moments are the most intense in the game. I was shaking after one such encounter that I did not think I was going to make it through.

My ONLY complaint thus far is that some of the actions require the gyroscope in the DS4 and do not register unless you greatly exaggerate the movement. I dislike the “move the controller to the right/left” or “up/down” requirements. Tilting works mostly, but those… UGH. But button prompts and stick motions make up the vast majority of the QTEs, so it’s a very small complaint.


I sacrificed sleep to finish it this morning and I’m glad I did. Wow. That ending.

I am 99.3% satisfied with my story. I would have changed 1 thing right near the end—that cost me a secondary character—but the way they went actually didn’t make me feel all that bad due to their final words spoken. This is my GOTY 2018 thus far [Spider-man pending]. The Last Guardian got me all weepy at the very end, but this game got me choked up at 3 different points. And with some characters I didn’t much care for at the beginning of the game. So that says something.

I stand by my comments above about the story and characters and my biggest complaint. And even that pesky gyroscope didn’t manage to cost me any of the fight/escape scenes. I’ve heard some reviewers talk about the story in a negative way using the terms “heavy-handed” and “too on-the-nose” regarding some of the social issues. Yeah. Those things are there, but I didn’t view them as negative. Humans can be garbage and history repeats itself. This game really brought out the emotions and the severity of your actions and the finality of your decisions.

I actually can’t wait to play it again just to see the different outcomes. My first story was perfect [minus .7%], but as I played I couldn’t stop thinking about how I just wanted to see what would have happened if I did or said something else. And the branching paths… I couldn’t even imagine coming up with that intricate web of narration, let alone execute it in such a brilliant way.

Final Score:
79 Deviants out of 80 Androids


One of the best parts of this game: