Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human
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Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream's android is getting a life of its own in future Detroit. Starring actress Valorie Curry as Kara.

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PlayStation 4


Quantic Dream



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Quantic Dream games sure make for good trailers, I can say that much.


Ugh, Quantic Dream.

No thank you.


This… this actually looks good? Is David Cage really behind this?


I just don’t know how interesting it will be to play an emotionless android, or is that the whole meta game here?


Are we talking QTEs here?



  • The gameplay is “very usual” in a way, but the player interacts with the environment and can make choices. The story is told through his decisions and his gameplay.
  • The ambition of the development team is to make Detroit: Become Human the most “bending” game they ever made, influenced by the decisions of the player.
  • The player is gonna play different characters and see the story from different points of view. It’s not just about having different endings, but also different journeys that will generate different endings and different outcomes.
  • The stories of the various characters start in parallel and create a bigger scenario.
  • The playable scene introduced at E3, which is the first scene of the game, has six different endings, and has consequences through the rest of the game.
  • You influence the outcomes in several ways, simply by playing or by talking to people and taking decisions.
  • The game is a “neo noir thriller.” It’s set in the near future where androids replace humans in many jobs. There are million across the country. Some androids start to find themselves overwhelmed by feelings, even if they’re not supposed to feel any. The new character introduced today, Connor, is a “deviant hunter,” that hunts those androids that have been deviating from their protocols.

Screenshot from the trailer, illustrating decision trees:


This game is one of my favorites from this year and every thing I see on it just makes it more and more appealing.


  • Every character can die. You won’t be able to continue their story if you make mistakes.
  • Androids are good; humans are bad. A different take on this and that sounds refreshing.
  • If you take too long investigating, bad things can happen in addition to your chances of success dropping.




I cannot wait for this game!


Is it game just a glorified Telltale game?


Are you not familiar with David Cage’s previous games?


I know of them but, no, I’m not familiar with them.




Demo out tomorrow for anyone on the fence…


I am not on the fence—already preordered—but I can’t wait to try the demo anyway. It’s the Connor/hostage scene and that storyline has already been spoiled. I just really want to see how this game plays and to practice that one scene so I get the perfect outcome when the game finally arrives.




While one of Detroit: Become Human’s greatest strengths is the fear of consequences and of making the right choice, it also succeeds in its very impactful storylines. Feelings are evoked very strongly vi these scenarios, as the fathers among us may feel the fear of becoming like the evil junkie dad, Todd, who we serve as Kara. Seeing his daughter Alice fear her father is incredibly powerful too, and despite the furore surrounding whether these themes should be explored in games, we felt it tug at our heartstrings.

Daily Star

Quantic Dream might be back to their best

Gaming Boulevard

Most anticipated game of 2018


Become Human is Quantic Dream’s most ambitious game yet


Sony are on a bit of a hot streak with their first party exclusives. With Aloy and Kratos having earned no small amount of praise, they’re no doubt expecting that Kara, Connor and Markus will as well. Certainly, expectations are high after years of impressive looking trailers and demonstration of what is clearly their most ambitious and expansive game yet.


What blew me away was when the scene ended and I was presented with the web of possibilities. I also saw in the upper-left corner “17% complete.” I had apparently only scratched the surface of what was possible.


Detroit: Become Human is intriguing because, if nothing else, no one is making games quite like it. Telltale’s aim and scope are much different, and most other adventure games simply don’t have the backing (and, no doubt, budget) of a first-party studio. Here’s hoping Cage’s latest lives up to its massive potential.


It’s a shame that Detroit: Become Human arrives with such baggage in tow, because when viewed outside that context it looks very likely to be Quantic Dream’s best game to date.


Although it is difficult to say with certainty about Detroit: Become Human without seeing the whole title, our short game session seemed reassuring and should certainly appeal to fans of Quantic productions. If we have not really been able to gauge the long-term consequences of our various choices, Detroit seems to have accentuated even more the propensity of the French studio to propose multiple branches to make each part different. Good impressions that we hope to confirm on May 25th.

Rating: Exciting



Two hours is short when you have a good time. And this was the case during this first discovery of Detroit: Become Human. I have the frustrating feeling of having to let go of the controller when the story was really about to start, just after having just had the time to “meet” the different characters and the universe in which they will see their destinies cross. I can not wait to tell you more, most likely in the review, but my first impressions are very good and bode well for a very good Quantic Dream game, in the same vein as the previous but more open, more varied and even better controlled. Detroit seems to embody an excellent synthesis between Heavy Rain, for its multiple characters and its branching system, and Beyond, for its impressive mastery in storytelling and cinematic presentation. The game is simply beautiful visually, promises some surprises in its development and touches a subject of substance that we hope treated with talent.

If you don’t want to watch, Andy played 2 hours and is SUPER hyped for its release now.


8. Connor’s reconstruct
Connor’s ability to reconstruct a sequence of events is both hyper advanced and entirely unique to him.

To perform a reconstruct, physical and circumstantial details must first be analyzed in isolation, providing vital information such as the direction of travel, velocities and trajectories, likely collision fallouts based on material density and friction, etc.

Thereafter, Connor’s cutting-edge processors simulate the most probable version of events leading to the picture of evidence he has just discovered and analyzed, with every element playing a part in his cognitive simulation.

This ability is the result of world class design and relentless testing, producing Connor’s amazing capacity to ‘see’ how a crime took place.

Interesting. I wonder if the other androids will also have unique abilities.