Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human
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Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream's android is getting a life of its own in future Detroit. Starring actress Valorie Curry as Kara.

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PlayStation 4


Quantic Dream



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Quantic Dream games sure make for good trailers, I can say that much.


Ugh, Quantic Dream.

No thank you.


This… this actually looks good? Is David Cage really behind this?


I just don’t know how interesting it will be to play an emotionless android, or is that the whole meta game here?


Are we talking QTEs here?



  • The gameplay is “very usual” in a way, but the player interacts with the environment and can make choices. The story is told through his decisions and his gameplay.
  • The ambition of the development team is to make Detroit: Become Human the most “bending” game they ever made, influenced by the decisions of the player.
  • The player is gonna play different characters and see the story from different points of view. It’s not just about having different endings, but also different journeys that will generate different endings and different outcomes.
  • The stories of the various characters start in parallel and create a bigger scenario.
  • The playable scene introduced at E3, which is the first scene of the game, has six different endings, and has consequences through the rest of the game.
  • You influence the outcomes in several ways, simply by playing or by talking to people and taking decisions.
  • The game is a “neo noir thriller.” It’s set in the near future where androids replace humans in many jobs. There are million across the country. Some androids start to find themselves overwhelmed by feelings, even if they’re not supposed to feel any. The new character introduced today, Connor, is a “deviant hunter,” that hunts those androids that have been deviating from their protocols.

Screenshot from the trailer, illustrating decision trees:


This game is one of my favorites from this year and every thing I see on it just makes it more and more appealing.


  • Every character can die. You won’t be able to continue their story if you make mistakes.
  • Androids are good; humans are bad. A different take on this and that sounds refreshing.
  • If you take too long investigating, bad things can happen in addition to your chances of success dropping.




I cannot wait for this game!


Is it game just a glorified Telltale game?


Are you not familiar with David Cage’s previous games?


I know of them but, no, I’m not familiar with them.