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Destiny 2
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Did they give a price on the annual pass?


Forsaken $40
Annual Pass $30


For this?!?!?


I don’t know how I feel about this. Wait. I do know. I hate it. Cayde is the ONLY likable character in the game—the rest just feel generic to me.



I’m actually excited for the new DLC.


This game is more fun now after Tuesday’s patch. It’s also free on PS4. You now have no excuse.


I like that ship. I like that gun. Even the Warlock outfit looks kinda cool. At least the coat and gloves anyway.


Is it fun solo? I won’t lie, I have barely read anything, a bit about the weapon changes that didn’t really excite me at all.

I have nothing against the end game, it makes sense to rely on difficult group raids for longevity, I just know I will never have the time/motivation to participate in them so the only thing that would really bring me back is if it has a decent solo loop that I can feel like I’m actually progressing in, and not just pointlessly grinding for better gear for crucible or raids that I will never do.


I have yet to play a raid in this game. I haven’t even played all of the strikes yet. I played the story—which was WAY better than D1—and now I run around on worlds doing public events. I do plan to do all the strikes now that the guns are better though.


I wanted to check out the newest changes this morning, but F me, I have to download a 35 gig update first.


@DarthSmurfX - Does the game seem slow to you after the latest updates? The initial game load and menus feel a lot slower to me than they used to be.


The intro loading screen has always been long, but it seems worse now. Maybe the servers are getting hammered with returning players and all the new players trying out the free version all at once. Also, it takes forever to fly to the Tower now. I assume for the same reason—not loading issues, but capacity issues.


With the new WoW expansion in such a terrible state, I decided to play through “base” Destiny 2 last week since it was free for PS+ members. Hit level 20 and ended up picking up the Forsaken Legendary Collection the other day to give me something to play before Red Dead.

Not entirely sure what the big Forsaken update changed from the release version of the game, but I’ve been having fun with it. I mean, it did convince me to drop $60 on it…


The weapon changes and the added bounties completely altered the game for me. Also, Forsaken’s storyline is really well done.


I keep hearing about weapon changes, but I’m unfamiliar with what that consists of. Did they do more than add new weapons in with the expansions?

Also, Cayde-6’s voice sounds different. Did Nathan Fillion not come back for Forsaken?

  1. Yes. They moved weapons around to different slots. Previously, Snipers, Fusion Rifles and some Grenade Launchers (and even shotguns, I think) were only allowed in the Heavy slot. So, my favorite gun type was NEVER used because Rocket Launchers are always better for Heavy. Now they can appear in Primary and Secondary and it allows more options.

  2. Yeah. It’s Nolan North. So now he does the voice for Cayde and your Ghost. Not sure why they didn’t get Fillion back… scheduling or money?


Forsaken has sucked me back in. The added options for earning ‘powerful gear’ is great and will really help players who don’t typically do the raid or nightfall.




Oh shit, that’s potentially huge news.




Leaked via datamined files with today’s update. I’m not gonna lie… I kinda miss the moon. I miss patroling on Venus more, but I also miss Moon patrols.