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Yep, I broke down and decided to preorder to get the $10 credit at BB. Wish I could also preorder the time to play it now, but I wouldn’t be able to afford that anyways.





Are you playing this game? You should be playing this game. It’s good. I mean, if Destiny wasn’t your thing, this isn’t going to win you over, but there’s an actual story and a lot of small, quality of life type tweaks that just cut out a lot of the BS from the previous game.

I don’t know what the end game grind looks like yet, but so far so good.


I’m digging it. Some weird choices, as far as some Party options and UI goes, but it feels like D1 but so much better.


Here’s one yuge QoL change they made; your light level is calculated by everything you have in your inventory, not just what’s equipped, so no more gear dancing to get the best LL items out of engrams.


I’m trying to power through ME:A before really getting into D2, but from what I have played (basically just made it to the new “Tower”), it has already shown me twice the amount of story than the original Destiny had in its entirety.


I keep hearing the praise for the improvements this game has made, but does this really feel like a sequel to anyone yet? I have to admit, I am only about 3-4 hours in, but quality of life improvements should be in a patch, not a sequel that is released three years later.

I know I’m a hypocrite for being the one to defend them when I felt like h8rs were h8ing for them not keeping up with the service based MMO content delivery model, but this just screams $30 expansion to me so far, and not a full fledged $60 numbered sequel. I’m fighting the same enemies using the same guns as the same classes (with a new super, yippee!).

Is the only reason this is getting praised so much because the bar was set so unbelievably low with the launch of the first?


No, it’s definitely more ‘Destiny 2.0’ rather than ‘the sequel to Destiny.’



It just doesn’t seem to have any sort of hook. For those of you who have played for longer, what would you say the hook for D2 is?

I know that seems like a reductive way to look at it, but where the hell is Destiny’s gravity gun?!?!?


I get what you’re saying. And I can’t argue against the fact that it’s more of an evolution rather than a revolution. But personally, the refinements they made and the new content are enough to fuel my hype train.


Definitely 1.5 or 2.0 and not Destiny II. But the differences, updates, changes, etc have me hooked. And I was definitely of the “I’m not excited about this game at all” side of things. I’m guessing once the novelty and shine wears off, I’ll stop caring about it again.


I had some time to reflect on the shitter, and I think I have just realized why this is annoying me so much.

Everyone knows Destiny is starved for content. The entire loop of the game is to play the same content over and over again at higher difficulty levels to get better loot. If that is the case, why the hell release a “sequel” that immediately makes all previous content obsolete, while not adding a single thing to the game to justify it?

Bimble reminded me earlier that the original was reported to be a development/maintenance nightmare, and they had to clean the slate with the sequel to build a better foundation, which if that is the case, I can understand, it just hope it’s true and they either continue to expand on the same game similar to an MMO, or that the next numbered sequel will actually add some dynamics to the gameplay that make it feel fresh, where the old content wouldn’t even be relevant. I just don’t know how they will do the former without a subscription model. I guess from dopes buying emotes?


I’ve been enjoying this a lot more… the campaign actually makes sense to me so far. Not bad at all. Actually find myself wanting to play and mess around with my Warlock while in 1 I was like… eh whatever.


Same here. Mostly. I don’t really feel like I want to play as much as I did with D1 but when I play I’m totally enjoying it. I didn’t think I’d care about D2 at all but it’s fun.


I can’t wait to jump in this week. I’ve finished up ME:A so now all my time will be devoted to D2. Listening to Easy Allies and Kinda Funny just singing its praises all week has been torture.


Digging this game, to be honest. Campaign was pretty generic. I still don’t know what the Traveler is and does, but fuck it. Nathan Fillion is an absolute plus. The cast of voice actors is ridiculous.

Nolan North ftw


Yeah, I though the ending was very anti-climatic. I obv preferred the story over the first, but I preferred the last level/boss in the first easily.

Time to bring back the Xur updates!

The Wardcliff Coil (Rocket Launcher) – 29 Legendary Shards
Foetracer (Hunter Class Helmet) – 23 Legendary Shards
ACD/0 Feedback Fence (Gauntlets) – 23 Legendary Shards
Sunbracers (Warlock Class Gauntlets) – 23 Legendary Shards

Maybe it’s time to look back in to the Destiny javascript, heh?


So what faction are ya’ll going with? I was sold on Dead Orbit because I prefer scout rifles, but Bimble says that Future War Cult is trending online because apparently they have the best gear? How can I not pick the faction voiced by Peter Stormare though!?!?


Spoilers, bro!