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Okay, yeah, I wasn’t thinking the CPUs in these machines were that much of a wall.


This summer Legends Start Early in the Destiny 2 Open Beta. Early Access begins July 18. Open Beta begins July 21.

Play the opening of Destiny 2’s new, cinematic story campaign, take on the three-player cooperative Inverted Spire Strike and battle in two competitive multiplayer modes.




The mission and strike in the beta are really well done. It doesn’t, however, really answer and of the big questions around leveling/grinding. There’s no progression or loot in the beta.


I really enjoyed the opening level; haven’t played the strike yet.


I literally yawned while playing the beta the one time I played and will be deleting it tonight.


It’s odd, as I was watching the opening cinematic for the beta I got really excited to play Destiny again, but after I finished the first mission, and the more days that passed, the less and less excited I got. I’m sure I’ll still end up getting this, but I’m not nearly confident enough to pre-order yet.


Played the Strike… I liked what I played. I’ll buy this.

Here are my complaints:

  1. Where’s the ammo? Why is my primary gun running out of ammo constantly and purples NEVER drop?!!?!?

  2. Fusion rifles require purple ammo now… ugh. There goes my favorite gun. Sure, I could have one equipped, but with no ammo I might as well have a pillow in that slot.

And then this article appears:





Too much to copy/paste. Just click the link below or watch the video for how patrols have changed. Here’s a teaser… your Ghost has a map now:


The heroic public events sound like a nice touch.



Played through the open beta on PC, minus the strike. Sure is Destiny.

Looks real purdy on ultra settings though, I’ll give it that…


Pre-loading is up on the PS4. Amazon is sending out digital codes already if you bought through them, which I did.


I usually don’t love live action trailers. But that one was awesome.


Not a ton of new details here, but I found this part appealing:

Destiny’s armor and weapon customization evolved significantly over the years. How is Destiny 2 approaching gear customization on day one?

You’ll have a ton of ways to customize your character to show off your own personal gameplay style and fashion, from finding gear, weapons, and Exotics you want to use, to picking a subclass and specialization path for your Guardian.

Also, you can now apply shaders per piece of gear, so you can choose to go head-to-toe in matching shaders or mix-and-match as you see fit. You can also now apply skins to customize the look of your weapons or slot mods on your armor to further customize the way that you play.


Might be getting this, this week.