Destiny 2

Destiny 2
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What’s with the face? There was no fist-bumping. No Mountain Dew. No Doritos. No Brah-stuff.

I like the trailer cuz it explains why our loot is gone. I dislike the trailer cuz it shows zero gameplay. But… there’s plenty of time for that.


Ahh yes, the notorious Keith David. Let me correct that…



So…more cabal? I hope there are some new baddies in there.


Cabal were seriously underutilized in Destiny. No raids. None. And they were my favorite enemies.


Fine, Fine, let me try this one more time:


True and they had the best head shots in the game, but I’d still like something new to shoot at.


Don’t worry, they will come in many different variations in the DLC. Some may even have large heads and small bodies, who knows?


I’d like this too. But I am so glad they are the focus of the trailer and not the stupid Hive again.


I dunno 'bout that, I’ve never seen any characters modeled after either of them.


Well, I know you didn’t play Quantum Break, but I forgot you played Zelda over Horizon.


Well whaddya know.


Anyway, back to Destiny 2.


Is that Tommy Carcetti ?


So… the first one has something to do with Osiris then?




Seems like it.


I love these two intertwined conversations, lets keep derailing Destiny 2!


Also the second one is Rasputin and/or possibly Charlemagne, so you may be getting your Cabal wish.


The messenger bag is fucking garish and I wouldn’t be caught dead outside of my room wearing it.