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The rumor is Cross-save and maybe even Cross-play are coming.



Just cross-save. For now. Going F2P also.


TL;DR recap for Twitter:

On September 17, 2019:

  • All Eververse armor (new and armor you’ve already acquired!) is being converted into Universal Ornaments
  • Universal Ornaments can be attached to any newly acquired Legendary armor
  • Bright Dust becoming a play-to-earn reward is going to come from doing bounties (Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard), not dismantling things you spent money on
  • Eververse items can now be pulled from your Collections with Glimmer/Legendary Shards instead of Bright Dust

Before September 17, 2019:

  • Dismantle all of your unused Eververse items to maximize your Bright Dust reserves

I’ve been playing the latest update and I forgot how fun this game is. I can’t wait until September for the all-new stuff.



Sweet! They are actually taking the moon section from Destiny 1 and expanding it. I really liked patrolling the moon, so I can’t wait for this.



Finally we can fully customize our look and loadout, so we don’t have to choose between looking stupid and being powerful or looking sweet and sucking.



That’s why we’ve added 100 ranks to earn each Season, with Free and Premium track rewards, plus a UX design that’s intuitive and familiar if you play other games. Unlike those other games, you’ll make progress by earning XP doing the things you’re already doing in Destiny —defeating monsters and completing bounties and activities. This is about a new additive layer of predictable rewards for just playing the game.


Is that a shot at Fortnite? I have no idea how their battle pass works, so I can only assume.


I think so. You’d have to ask whoever at Bungie wrote that. I have very limited experience with Fortnite.


After this, they have Year 4, 5, 6 and 7. I guess no Destiny 3 for awhile.


I was today years old when I discovered that Sparrow tricks have been in Destiny 2 since launch.



How did you get to 900 before unlocking your seasonal artifact?


900? Wow I’m way behind. I need to pick this back up.


There’s a Trove Guardian on the moon you can farm for a chest that drops at least a blue 100% of the time.


Sweet! Rusted Lands was my favorite PvP map of the old game. Also, the rest of that looks cool too.