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TL;DR from the Death Stranding subreddit of the info collected so far.

  • Amelie has already tried to unite America . Some time ago, she went with a convoy across the United States in an attempt to reunite the country. During the trip, she was captured by terrorists - Homo Demens - led by Higgs, the character of Troy Baker. She is kept on the west coast in Edge Knot City - perhaps she is not concluded in the real world, but on the upside down world. The following point hints at this.
  • Sam and Amelie had not seen each other for 10 years, and during this time she had not aged at all . Sam meets her in the Oval Office, but later it turns out that Amelie is a hologram, she communicates with Sam from captivity. Also in the Oval Office there is Die-Hardman, the character of Tommy Earl Jenkins. It seems that he replaces Amelie during her absence.
  • Sam has two tasks: not only the reunion of America, but also the salvation of Amelie. On the way to Amelie, Sam gives people a message that they need to unite. He does this using the terminals shown on the Gamescom trailer, connecting them to the chiral network. Oddly enough, at the end of the video, Sam refuses the mission - apparently, this is due to a long-standing conflict with Amelie, whose reasons remain behind the scenes.
  • Handcuffs are not really handcuffs . Amelie says this is primarily a symbol of communication. It seems that they are used as an identification mark, that is, the characters wear them voluntarily.
  • The goal of Homo Demens is also a union of cities . Amelie says Higgs cannot be called their leader: Homo Demens are more likely to submit to ideology rather than personalities. Their methods are different from Bridges: United Cities of America want to unite people on a voluntary basis, while Homo Demens are trying to do it by force.