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Deals & Steals
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Oops is right.


Must be nice. If you bought something based on a pricing error, the store wouldn’t come back to take it and just leave you a $10 gift card.


The latest will net you copies of last year’s Battlefield Hardline or 2014’s Battlefield 4 for $4.99.

From June 14 through June 20 you can pick up a copy of either game for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC via Origin or Xbox One for $4.99.


Well crap, I might as well? I don’t own either of those and I spend more on coffee each morning

One question remains, which one has a better solo experience?






That gif just had me LOL




Amazone onebox is currently broke, but it’s Gears of War Ultimate for $16.


Alright, this is the first time I have ever actually considered it.


I keep hitting the :heart: button, but it’s only giving your post 1 like.


The decimal needs to move one place to the left for me to consider.


I don’t actually mean that. I just wanted to use that GIF.


Kinect Adaptor Pre-orders Available Now!!! Just $39.99!!!

Okay, so this is sarcasm. $40 for a Kinect adapter for your Xbox One S?!?!?!? Are they out of their minds?

*Note: You can get it for free if you give MS the serial numbers of your original XBO, Kinect and new XBO S. But that’s only if you are upgrading from an old XBO to the new one. New owners… tough!


Moot point since there’s little to no support for the Kinect anymore, no?


I guess this is the official death of it. Basically, if you are just now jumping on the Xbox wagon train, they just made the Kinect too costly maybe to discourage anyone from buying one.


Granted it’s only one game, but from most accounts, it’s damn good.


I have sadly neglected every sale this game has had. Now I have no excuse not to at least give it a try.