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Deals & Steals
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Dooo iiiiitttt!


Really? Okay.

#104 is having a sale on games. Metro Redux for $7.99 is the standout. Sad I just bought it on a PS Store deal.


Shadow of Mordor also $7.99.


Come on, who plays on the 360 anymore, brew.


Ahh, I failed to notice the big 360 banner across the top of the picture.


Target Buy 1 Get 1 Free


Worth $15 ?


Abso-fricken-lutely. ESPECIALLY for you. The sense of humor is right up your alley.


Dick and fart jokes?



$75 for Sony Gold Wireless Headset[r|[t|mod-title[p|1769086279[a|B01BEELH70[au|5727177402741770316


Lenovo Y Gaming Mechanical Keyboard (GX30K04088) - $45 (Amazon)

Lenovo Y Gaming Mechanical Keyboard (GX30K04088) - $45 (Best Buy)

I posted this because I thought I remember people talking about buying one and it’s a ridiculous price for a mechanical keyboard.


Just bumping this since I moved the last couple posts from That Sales Thread, which can be a misleading title. Maybe Smurf can do something about that.

I might have to pick up those headphones, that seems like a decent price.


They’re super nice. I use them for both the PS4 and PC.


How’s that?






Its a good price. I bought mine for $75 laet year and it was the best price it’d been and I haven’t seen them for less (otherwise I would’ve posted here).