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I haven’t played it yet, but the series is what spawned Fallout 1 and 2. If you like isometric turn-based RPGs like Baulder’s Gate and Fallout, you’ll probably enjoy it.


Search before posting, please. Thanks.


I wonder if that’s coming here as well.




Pass. Comes with Battlefront.




Just trade Battlefront in for like $30.

These 4 games + a 20% off code for PSN for $14.20.


I’m on the Star Wars hype train right now, so much so I almost bought Battlefront. Are these four titles worth $15, or better yet, will they quench my pop-culture ridden consumerist thirst?

And if I understand that correctly, the 20% isn’t already applied, that’s just a separate coupon code you will get that needs to be appilied by 2/28 on any purchase?


Correct. I was on the Star Wars Hyperdrive Train too and went and bought this without any thought. I got the 2 codes instantly, and used the 4-pack code as soon as I got it. I’m downloading 2 of the games as I type this. I haven’t tried the 20% off code yet.

Also, I have only ever played Super Star Wars, as a kid, and it was difficult. Very difficult. I have no idea what the other 3 games are, but they can’t be that terrible if Sony opted to retrofit them with Trophies and up-res’d graphics.


That was enough convincing for me. Ordered.

I don’t think I have heard of that site before. You use them often?


Never. It was on NeoGAF.


As @MrBimble refereneced earlier, the Steam Winter Sale is now live.

I’ll list games later if nobody beats me to it when I’m at a computer.

And Just Cause 3 for $45


So… I loaded up Star Wars Racer Revenge last night.

Oh boy.

That… that will be a tough one to play through. I did earn 2 trophies on my first and only race though. So there’s that.

I saw @Rewfus fire up a few last night. Any thoughts on Bounty Hunter?


Yeah, I played all 4.

###Super Star Wars

You were right, hard as nails. I couldn’t pass the first level, but wondering if I can find some cheat codes and if that will negate trophies or not.

###Racer Revenge

No “story” mode, huh?. I finished one race then moved on. May revisit. Good frame rate and decent handling, just not much to it.

###Bounty Hunter

Great character and some charming cut scenes that I’m guessing were upres-ed because they didn’t look horrible. As with most third person games from that generation though, camera and camera controls were awful. May try to stick with it.

###Jedi Starfighter

Just did the training but it handled pretty well. Looking at the bonus items brought back a great sense of nostalgia getting excited about unlocking new ships. New ships that would easily be sold as DLC these days. Its really sad that our kids will hardly experience that same kind of wonderment without having to pay for it.

The good ol days are past, but I guess there are plenty of other experiences for kids to get excited about these days. All in all, I’m very happy I picked up the package deal. Well worth it even if I hardly go back, just for the trip down PS2 memory lane.


Suikoden II for $2.50




Yes. Now I never have to walk into another GameStop again.

Except maybe for the midnight release of the next WoW expansion…


Whelp. I’m definitely re-upping this year after being on the fence.


Man, that is tempting. They essentially matched Best Buy’s Gamer’s Club, but with much more benefit. I may just have to switch over.