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Bastion is a story about a Kid, his hammer, and a world gone all kinds of wrong.

First Released

July 20, 2011


Mac, Xbox 360 Games Store, PC, iPhone, iPad, Browser, PlayStation Network (Vita), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Linux


Supergiant Games, BlitWorks


Action, Role-Playing

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Did you end up playing Transistor? Just think of 3/4 perspective action RPG with gun leveling and well written play by play narration done by someone who sounds eerily similar to Ron Perlman.


Operation: Thread Derailment—Successful.


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate for $30 (PS4/PC/XB1).


Who here played that, and if so, how much is it worth?


Negative ten dollars.


Star Wars Battlefront - $40 @LASSIE


I’ll ask Santa for it, but if he shits out a yule log in my stocking instead I’m not sure I’ll be able to tell the difference until I try to stick it into my PS4.



So not to totally derail this topic, but I just recently finished watching the Star Wars series in the Machete Order as previously discussed, and I’m still wondering something. In that scene above, why didn’t they just simply use their force powers to lift the chain a measly foot off the hook that it’s on? If I remember right, that’s all that was holding them, no? I’m sure you can poke holes in much bigger things than that, just curious if there is an explanation for that particular hole or lack there of.


Do I have to Google “Machete Order” now?

Also, maybe they didn’t free themselves for fear of getting shot. Or that their hands would still be bound. I don’t know. That scene was the LEAST of AotC’s problems.


Yes, Google it.

Short version is: IV - V - II - III - VI.

It’s pretty awesome, but the original article gives a lot of insight as to why it’s nice to watch in that order, especially for someone who hasn’t seen them before. Also because fuck Ep I.


But, but, but… Darth Maul…


A whole 15 minutes of something good in a 2 hour sea of shit. Just watch the DotF on YouTube to get your Maul fix.

Or watch the cartoon.


I think everyone here already has it, but if not…All the Destiny can be had for $30 today at Amazon.


What the heck, the digital version is $40? I would be half tempted to get the digital version at $30 just to avoid putting in the physical disc, but not at that price.


:black_medium_small_square:Bloodborne – 67% off
:black_medium_small_square:Lego Dimensions Starter Pack – 40% off
:black_medium_small_square:Minecraft: Story Mode Season Disc – 33% off
:black_medium_small_square:Rock Band 4 Bundle with Legacy Game Controller Adapter (Xbox One) – 25% off


Nice bullets, weirdo.


Refurbed PS3 for $99.


Wasteland 2 on sale for $20.


Any good?

EDIT: Ha, apparently I watched them play it at Giant Bomb and this is what i had to say

INFORMATION OVERLOAD, and in my old lazy age, that’s something I don’t want from my leisurely past time right now. May be suited for others

Looks like Lifebar can help with recollection at the very least.