Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2
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Is that the after credit scene from Logan ?




I’m on board.

The fact that Beetz is hawt as hell doesn’t hurt.




Not that you probably didn’t already know/google, but just trying to help.



Nothing against Brolin, but he’s already Thanos and they couldn’t just anybody else to play Cable?


Seemed to be a perfect fit for Mr. Perlman, or is he too old these days? Also, I don’t mind Brolin in the role, but yeah, I know what you mean, spread the love.


Damn, I was still holding out for Keira Knightley.


He’s also probably too old as well, but Stephen Lang was my choice:



I think he needs to be bigger. Maybe it’s just the picture, but he looks like an average dude there. Your average dude with metal prosthetics, a giant ass gun, a glowy eye and a teddy bear.


Well, an “average” dude is the best thing we have since the human physiques Rob Liefeld puts to paper don’t exist in the realm of reality.


Put a white wig on The Rock. BAM!


You mean this?


Liefeld? More like Liefeet, amirite?