DC's The Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow

DC's The Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow
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A 2-episode arch would have been better where they explored the other shows and then in Ep. 3, things go back to mostly normal. Flash could have aired by itself for one week. Then the following week the other 3 could have started. They stagnated the launches anyhow of LoT and Supergirl. I’d have loved to see Arrow’s dad as a darker Green Arrow, the Atom as mayor, Captain Cold as Star City’s main hero, etc… Also, I’m not sure how they are going to integrate the Supergirl-verse into the Arrowverse, but this would have been a great way to do so with Supergirl being a government prisoner and then when things shift back, her world is now part of this new one.

But whatever… one episode of garbage is fine too.


I wish we could have seen that. That would have been exponentially better.

With all of these shows on CW, and not on Hulu, I’m having a hard time keeping up… so. many. commercials.


Yeah. It sucks. I am DVRing them, but if we have bad weather, I have to watch them on my iPad. And I have no wireless headphones for my TiVo, so I can’t have the TV silent while watching my nerd shows as to not annoy the wife. Not being on Hulu is sucky all around.


Anyone know about this? I had no idea they were even thinking about adding more DC shows to the CW.

I’d love to see the Green Lanterns show up in Supergirl and get a spin-off.




Now to cast these two:


Ugh, there is an Elongated Man AND a Plastic Man? Why? Why?!?!?

I didn’t even know about Plastic Man until he was in my son’s Goodnight Batman bedtime story. How many stretchy super heroes does there need to be?


Enlogated Man is a cheap knock-off of Plastic Man.


I only know about Plastic Man because this damn ad was in every single comic book I had inherited from my brothers.




Elongated Man? I think that guy needs a better marketing department.


FINALLY they will officially acknowledge Gotham. The Wayne name has been thrown around a handful of times, but to have one of their characters show up is huge.

In other news, Legends of Tomorrow is hot trash. Last season was insanely bad. It made Luke Cage look like Infinity War. Okay, maybe that’s too far. The ONLY redeeming item from last season was they dropped Helen of Troy off at Themyscira to live out her days, which confirms Wonder Woman in this universe. And THAT’S IT. I dread watching it every week, but it ties into the other 3 shows I enjoy, so I feel like I’m forced into it. Like Luke Cage.


Yo, my opinion of LOT is completely different from yours. I loved this season. Season 2 and 3 have been great.

Bout time they had a representative from Gotham on this show, after numerous Bludhaven and Wayne name drops.