DC's The Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow

DC's The Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow
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Ok. So I had to watch Arrow last night because some people here were spoiling the last episode in random threads. I won’t mention any names, but you know who you are.

I’m not going to put the next section in spoiler code. Just scroll past it, please.


Anyhoo… I had zero emotional response to the ending. None. And not because I don’t like the Black Canary character, but because I didn’t believe, even for one second, that she died. She says, “that’s why you have to do one thing for me” and the very next scene is her coding? Yeah. Okay. I’ll buy that. It’s not as if there has been any other character on this show that has faked their death for some reason. Oh wait. Last season with the red arrow guy.

And Ollie didn’t shed one tear. He looked more conflicted than grieved. Like he now had one more secret to hide from everyone and that didn’t sit well with him, but he will because reasons.

This season has been all sorts of bad, but they wouldn’t kill off one of the main characters just because. This isn’t Game of Thrones, the Walking Dead or Fuller House.


Why is the writing so terrible this season? Characters are doing the dumbest things. Why wouldn’t Ollie tell Felicity about his son and just say, “I was supposed to keep this from you, because my wretched ex forbid me or else I can’t see him, but that is bat guano crazy, because married couples shouldn’t keep secrets from one another this huge.” But no. There have been so many scenes where I’m just shaking my head at how dumb they’ve made all of the good guys.

Did all of the good writers move over to The Flash?

And don’t even get me started on Legends of Tomorrow. There was one scene about 2 episodes back where the team decides that Hawkgirl should face Vandal Savage alone, because only she can kill him. NO! That’s not how the force works. Put The Atom in her pocket. At the right moment, he flies out, enlarges and holds Savage down while Hawkgirl stabs him in the chest. DONE! This isn’t rocket surgery, guys.



Let’s not forget… she used to be a barista. It’s not like she doesn’t repeat it every episode.

I loved the episode where she just stands and watches Hawkman just… die.

And that’s why I’m not convinced about Black Canary. Comic book death galore in this show. They need to stop that. Make it mean something like when Ollie’s mom was impaled via Deathstroke.

Watching Daredevil as I watch this current season of Arrow… well… yeah.


It’s not just that she dies. It’s that she uses her last words to tell Ollie that she still loves him but that he should go be with Felicity.


I have had zero interest in starting Legends of Tomorrow, and it sounds like I made the right choice.


I don’t get the reasoning of her telling her that. Like… really? There’s no point to that at ALL.

I’m invested in Legends at this point. Fuck me. Sideways. Because I hate Vandal Savage’s “actor”. And I’m not really on board with how they “tweaked” some of the characters. I’d rather watch Supergirl.


The problem is that Legends of Tomorrow COULD be a great show if they had better villains to face. But, they are only confronting one villain whose only superpower appears to be immortality and the uncanny ability to only be pursued by incompetent heroes. How does an entire team, which includes FIRESTORM, manage to botch EVERY attempt to defeat one man with no powers? AND they have the element of surprise. And there’s like 9 of them on the team. It’s like watching some hipster dude kick around the Muppet Babies for an hour every week.


I think then they picked the team and said LETS MAKE A SHOW… they then realized… “Shit, Atom and Firestorm are OP. So let’s neuter them EVERY SINGLE EPISODE.”

I think Firestorm has spent much more time apart than together.

And I LOLed, it’s worse than watching Mahoney kick around the Muppet Babies.




OMG thank you DC for realizing that the fucking Hawks are the fucking worst.

I’m actually looking forward to Season 2 now that the bullshit parts of Season 1 are gone.


Why… WHY didn’t they just call this show Justice Society instead of Legends of Tomorrow? With LoT, they HAVE to stick with the time travel motif and that sucks. I’d rather them just be a super team taking on ultra-bads as a pre-cursor to the Justice League.

But, without the Hawks’ stupid facial expressions every 30 seconds, next season should be better automatically.


That Flash finale!

Oh my.

So… Season 3 is going to be Flashpoint!!! Since there’s no Batman, could we see Oliver Queen’s dad as The Arrow?


Darth, they could always do LoT Season 2 and then maybe spin it off into Justice Society rather than handicap themselves with the time travel stuff. I’d rather see that.

And yeah, the Flash finale. If that shit doesn’t get addressed in ALL of the shows, shit might go down for real. They are taking a risky and somewhat unnecessary gamble with that one, but we already know how Season 3 is going to end.


@DarthSmurfX, please explain what I am looking at.


I would, but The CW took this show away from me by moving their series over to Netflix instead of Hulu.

In all seriousness though, that’s Wally West who becomes Kid Flash, but then took on the role of The Flash when Barry Allen died. In the comics.


Might very well be The Flashpoint Flash… who knows… can’t keep track anymore with the timelines and alternate Earths.

It’s the thing they teased for all of last season along with Jesse Quick, so without context, guess could be anything about why that even happens. Gotta say though, not sure why DC can nail TV and suck so horribly at movies.


Rumor floodgates have opened…

Now Oracle and Batwoman might make an appearance in the DC TVverse.



I’m never going to unsee the headbobbing.

Flashpoint! Tonight!!! I am super curious to see how they combine the Arrowverse with Supergirl’s universe. Pun intended. And super bad.


I don’t think I’ve ever been more disappointed with a TV/movie adaption of a comic book storyline than I was last night. Flashpoint was… okay, I’ve never read a single Green Arrow comic outside of some crossover event, so the show Arrow can do pretty much whatever it wants and I’d have nothing to compare it to. But Flashpoint is one of my favorite comic book storylines of all time. So, when Barry Allen goes back to stop his mom from being killed and the title of Season 3’s episode 1 is FLASHPOINT, I’m expecting Flashpoint. Such a waste. I can’t even type anymore, it just sucked my will to complain. I’m just going to hit my head against the keyboard a few times and that’ll be more effort than what the writers put into that debacle. eijoraen raoruenor enor;noir grbgorw enorbgr


That’s Emmy material right thur.


I don’t think they can do a whole Flashpoint ordeal. It’s too ambitious, it’d affect every single show and undo everything they were working for. They should have just NEVER touched that plotline at all.

I just wonder if Arrow slips up and forgets Digg’s daughter is no longer a daughter, ever ever evereveferevererer.