DC’s [insert TV show/movie title here]

DC’s [insert TV show/movie title here]
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There are 6 NEW shows coming out, 1 I’ve heard about and 5 that came out of nowhere. Is this bordering on too much at this point? And are these shows part of the DC Movie Universe or the DC CW Universe?

DC Universe


Doom Patrol
DC Universe

Swamp Thing
DC Universe

Harley Quinn
DC Universe

Young Justice: Outsiders
DC Universe


Throw it all at the wall and see what sticks?


TITANS looks like hot garbash. I’ve seen better YouTube fan made videos than that shit


According to the like/dislike ratio, YouTube seems to agree.




Sadly, I’m still kind of on board. I really see what Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol turn out to be.



“And then Robin looks at the camera and goes ‘Fuck Batman’.” - Yoda



I can dig it.


Aquaman was surprisingly good.