Days Gone

Days Gone
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Days Gone

An open-world survival action game from Sony's Bend studio.

Expected Release



PlayStation 4


Bend Game Studio



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Don’t tell me I have to be the one to start this topic. Fine…

Here’s a new gameplay trailer. It starts off the same, but diverges paths at just before the 4 minute mark. It eventually gets back on track to what we’ve already seen, but before then it shows off some new gameplay including melee combat.


The torrential wave of zombies is pretty damn impressive but this honestly just looks like a more “action-y” take on The Last of Us without all the narrative meat that made the latter so good.

Also I thought we were well past zombies by now, but apparently not.


I think it looks good. I’ll get in line for another zombie game.


I’m not into zombie games or movies, so I haven’s seen this, only the trailer, but this game is the closest I’ve ever seen to this:


Days Gone: the World War Z adaptation we were supposed to get.


Read the book.


Yeah, not much about this excites me. Sadly, I’m actually more excited for Dead Rising 4. If you are going to do zombies, either do it Zany, or have Last of Us in your title.


More info incoming.


-Photomode confirmed
-You can keep playing the game after you finish
-Golden Path story mode takes 30 hours
-Bike customization includes, paintjobs, speed upgrades, muffler upgrades and other stuff
-Alot of collectibles and loot
-Composer is Nathan Whitehead who did the music for The Purge
-The currency in the game is camp credits.
-Massive metropolitan areas in the game.
-You build up encampments in the game.
-Their are dogs in the game
-Enemies can hear you coming on the bike
-The game is broken up into chapters.
-Game comes out early 2019.
-The Ravager which is the bear is a regular enemy
-You get points for doing stunts in the game.
-Touchpad support for the menus
-The game has fast travel
-No different seasons but different weather patterns




Feb. 22, 2019