Daredevil on Netflix

Daredevil on Netflix
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Crap, I think I just finished ep 8 and I really want to click on that spoiler! Oh, hey, I have another bachelor night! That spoiler will so be mine in 5 hours!


Shouldn’t you be cleaning?



Finally finished Season 2. Kudos to the writers for keeping all the moving parts together. That was phenomenal. Other shows need to take notice of this. They shifted from Season 1 to Season 2 and added a whole lot of players on the board and didn’t skip a beat either.

I love the crossovers even when it’s minor characters as well.


We binged the whole season in 2 days. This is—by far—my favorite Marvel TV Season out of all of them. I didn’t feel like any of the episodes were throw-aways or fluff. The action scenes were REALLY impressive and the character development, even the villains was above and beyond what we’ve seen before.

Also, Luke Cage was canceled by Netflix.


Do I need to have watched anything other than DD 1 & 2 before watching this?


Uh. You need to know how The Defenders ends… But there is a recap that shows a brief glimpse of that finale. So… you should be okay if you just watch that.


Oh damn, I didn’t realize that it was out already. Daredevil is really the only Marvel show I’m still interested in, so I guess I’ll have to binge it before Red Dead comes out on Friday.