Creature Feature or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Post Pet Pictures

Creature Feature or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Post Pet Pictures
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RBF is genetic.




The photo with the beer—he sniffed the bottle and for odd smells, he opens his mouth. It was just timed perfectly.


He looks angry because sweater.


I just noticed the sweater straps around his legs. hahahaha


I need to name the two cats I’m keeping. Brother and sister; orange male and torbie female.

  • Cooper & Motley
  • Jones & Ripley
  • Orange Thunder & Snapjacks

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Other suggestions welcomed.


Glad I could be the tie breaker. Fuck the rest of you.


Not so fast…


Wait til I get to my work computer on Tuesday.


These two…


I ended up keeping both brothers; Jones and Tucker.

Tucker is kind of an asshole. A playful asshole, but still kind of an asshole nonetheless.


Hmmm, sounds vaguely familiar.


Runs in the family.


Whoa, whoa, whoa. Tucker? That wasn’t an option in the poll. It’s like our votes didn’t even matter.


Welcome to America!


Sadly, we had to put our Sheltie down yesterday (first pic in this thread). It was a heavy day. I had her since she was a pup, but she was not doing well and we knew it was time. :cry:

To do a 180 into more positive territory, we adopted a new little buddy several months ago. Meet our Chiweenie, Onyx:


I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll always remember the time Ivey pooped on my wall.


We all will remember that time. Especially the wall.



I’m sorry to hear that, man. How long did you have him? Since he was a kitten, 2001ish?