Creature Feature or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Post Pet Pictures

Creature Feature or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Post Pet Pictures
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I have pets. You probably have pets. Post pictures of these animals, ya dingus!

This is my senior Sheltie, Ivey (almost 15 years old):

When my fiance moved in, she brought Gretel (a mutt) and Ness (a ragdoll cat):

Ness, when I try to work from home:



Here’s my 20-year-old dude.

Here’s the cat that lived under my porch that I took in once I realized she was pregnant.

And here are her kittens. I no longer have the calico or dark grey one.


Oh man, kitty city. I used to be (still am?) quite allergic to cats but the long haired I have doesn’t bother me, surprisingly. Anyway, awesome full cat house.


My woofs.

Radar on the left - 4 year old terrier mix
Maggie on the right - 3 year old basset mix

Maggie in her natural habitat.

Radar being Radar.


As much as I like cats, I’m trying to slowly get back to just housing my old cat. Not only are they expensive, but they’ll unfortunately get in the way of my plans of studying abroad, as I have no one to foster them while I’m gone.


Yeah, pets certainly can be a hindrance on travel plans, even if it’s just for a week or so. I’m lucky to have a sister that gets excited to watch them while we’re out of town. Hate boarding them as much as they hate being boarded.


Bandit!, who passed away a few years backs. Don’t wanna bring back all that pain again so will just say that I still miss him terribly:

This is the homeless cat I named Benny and have been feeding for a few years. He’s definitely not a stray cuz he’s friendly has hell but I have no idea where he came from. I used to let him sleep inside but he gave my place fleas, so had to stop. Plus, he liked sleeping on the paper bags I had near the door on the tile anyways, so now I just leave the screen or door cracked enough when I’m home for him to come in and out as he pleases. He now sleeps on a old wool scarf I put by the door. I put a collar on him so the neighbors didn’t think he was a stray and called animal control. For all I do for him the fucker does a shitty job keeping the raccoons away:



When I’m less lazy, I’ll upload a picture of the cat.


Have you named the raccoons yet, Lassie? They’re like pets, right?


So cute!!!


Our dog, Copper.

Our cat, Genghis.

Our other cat, Shelby.

(photo credits: my wife)


I was going to say, look at Mr Fancy Pants over here. Are you going to be starting a glamor shots topic next?

…that’s what I was going to say, but didn’t say. Instead I will just say, your wife got some skillz, son.


Here’s my annoying dogs. I mean, I love them, but man do they drive me crazy lately.

Daisy is the little one. A Lhasa Bichon. The other, Bianca, is some kind of Collie/Husky mix.


Yeah, she does good work. I just need everyone to know that I am not capable of such quality.


Genghis has some serious bitch face.


Piece of Shit and STFU are their names. All of them.


[quote=“DarthSmurfX, post:11, topic:595, full:true”]
Our cat, Genghis.[/quote]
“Khajit has wares…if you have coin.”


What the fuck is wrong with Genghis.

Whatever it is, it’s hilarious.



I don’t know what you mean.


Like, what did you do to him to put him in such a constant state of Resting Bitch Face?