Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
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  • Characters: Nina Cortex, N.Brio, Komodo Moe
  • New track: Nina’s Nightmare
  • Select characters and items from Nitro Tour will be available
  • Engine swap: characters are no longer restricted to a type (aka, everyone can be speed and viable now). New type added: Drift
  • New skins, karts and decals
  • Wumpa Time will now apply to offline races now, but it’s been nerfed to a x2 bonus
  • AI racers won’t use clocks and orbs (these items will also be disabled for the beginning of the race)
  • New Cup added for the singleplayer
  • New challenges

I bolded the part that was desperately needed.


This needs to be said again…




Because you demanded it, more NEWS!!!

FINALLY! I’m sick of entering races with 1 or 2 Pros that kill the rest of us schlubs. Is schlubs a word?


Never mind if that’s a word, are Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Pros a real thing?


Believe it or not… yeah. CTR has a huge learning curve. In every race, there are people who can cross the finish line before 6 of the other racers even reach the last lap. Those people need to be grouped together and leave the rest of us alone.


I skipped the last Grand Prix entirely because I was busy playing other things and it didn’t look all that fun, but this one may bring me back. It also has a new mode and a new way to unlock one of the characters, which sounds fun.



In honor of my 2nd Most Played Game of 2019, I will continue to update this page with new DLC announcements. Enjoy.

Hahhahahahhaaa… one of the characters is doing a Mad Max guitar pose. Actually, the whole thing looks like Mad Max.