Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
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I know everyone here was waiting patiently for more news on this, so here it is:


And more:



I’m impressed with your dedication to this game.


I kinda have to Platinum it at this point, right?



This game does not hold your hand and ease you into the difficulty.


85 Opencritic

84 Metacritic



First season was fun. This one looks fun. And they’re all free!



Enough! I can’t keep up with multiple games with season pass stuff.


  • Characters: Nina Cortex, N.Brio, Komodo Moe
  • New track: Nina’s Nightmare
  • Select characters and items from Nitro Tour will be available
  • Engine swap: characters are no longer restricted to a type (aka, everyone can be speed and viable now). New type added: Drift
  • New skins, karts and decals
  • Wumpa Time will now apply to offline races now, but it’s been nerfed to a x2 bonus
  • AI racers won’t use clocks and orbs (these items will also be disabled for the beginning of the race)
  • New Cup added for the singleplayer
  • New challenges

I bolded the part that was desperately needed.


This needs to be said again…




Because you demanded it, more NEWS!!!

FINALLY! I’m sick of entering races with 1 or 2 Pros that kill the rest of us schlubs. Is schlubs a word?


Never mind if that’s a word, are Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Pros a real thing?


Believe it or not… yeah. CTR has a huge learning curve. In every race, there are people who can cross the finish line before 6 of the other racers even reach the last lap. Those people need to be grouped together and leave the rest of us alone.


I skipped the last Grand Prix entirely because I was busy playing other things and it didn’t look all that fun, but this one may bring me back. It also has a new mode and a new way to unlock one of the characters, which sounds fun.



In honor of my 2nd Most Played Game of 2019, I will continue to update this page with new DLC announcements. Enjoy.

Hahhahahahhaaa… one of the characters is doing a Mad Max guitar pose. Actually, the whole thing looks like Mad Max.