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Concrete Genie
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Concrete Genie

Concrete Genie is a game about Ash, a young boy who is bullied but discovers a magical paint that might save his home town.

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The more I hear about this game, the more I love it.

4. Your artwork really is living… and reacting
Ash’s paintings don’t just look pretty – they have physics and, in the case of the creatures, artificial intelligence. So your painted lily pads will spread out and bloom over time, while a sun or moon will illuminate the rest of the elements in your illustration. You can even add weather effects, like rain and thunderstorms.

And the creatures you create sport a variety of personalities and attributes based on how you draw them, although most will happily interact with each other and your landscapes, peeking around the trees you paint, going for a swim, picking leaves off the ground, using flowers as an umbrella… and that’s just for starters.

“The creatures get sad when you leave, and are happy when you come back,” says Jeff. “And when I’m painting an environment, they’ll follow and watch what you’re doing. You can call out to them as well and sometimes they’ll come over, if they feel like it!”

“Sometimes you’re never sure how a creature will react,” laughs Dominic. “When I was creating the PGW trailer, I would start painting to capture a scene and another creature would suddenly come into shot and photobomb it! It’s fun to see these unexpected things happen and when you have a base set of systemic interactions, you get these wonderful emergent reactions.”


This looks good.


I am super excited for this game. It’s a bit troubling that they can’t even give a release window yet though.