Call of Duty WWII

Call of Duty WWII
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Looks good. This has given me a reason to play CoD again.



Cautiously optimistic.





The game will not have a auto re-gen system. You will need to call for a medic or find a medic box. Not sure if this applies to MP as well but I’m a fan of this.


So we have to slowly crawl around the battlefield looking for a med kit when we’re down?



This Reddit post pretty much sums up any feelings I have towards this. Makes me glad I gave up most competitive FPS games years ago.


Sounds like a baby shower.


I played a bit of the beta/demo this last weekend…

  1. Quick scoping is a bitch move
  2. It feels like old school CoD
  3. I’d like to check out the SP at some point, but I don’t see myself spending my limited gaming time playing this over say, Destiny 2, so it’ll have to be a rental ( or a good sale price ) some time next year.