Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3
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Borderlands 3 (Working Title)

The fourth major Borderlands game, currently in development at Gearbox.

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There is going to have to be some kind of online hook for this to be relevant this day and age, right?


Cool video. Do they keep it Destiny/Division -esque or jump on the BR bandwagon? both?


Ehh, I highly doubt they go BR, maybe as a side mode but Borderlands has always been about the characters/bosses/attempts at jokes. Their guns are way too zany to be able to balance in a BR mode, or really any online competitive mode, so I guess i don’t know how any online component other than the co-op they already had would work if they keep with their zany gun model.



So, more borderlands, but now with likely monetization?



Release date is 9/13/19


  • Echo is a physical item you interact with (Old ones were turned into grenades - probably a joke)
  • New U stations are back
  • Heads and skins are back
  • Emotes are new and included
  • There is a tab named “colors” that wasn’t touched.
  • Users can slide and MANTLE!
  • Vault hunters continue to speak
  • Alt fire modes are added to some manufactures (Chainguns, ice and fire bullets both mentioned)
  • Gun audio is improved across the board (Very noticeable)
  • Item score is added to weapons (Functions as a shorthand for how strong the gun is - not like destiny light)
  • Gore is back and seems to be gorier than BL2
  • Melee can move objects such as explosive barrels
  • Cover can be destroyed or broken down
  • Ammo is auto looted (as is cash/health)
  • Oil is flammable
  • Boss intros are back
  • There is some kind of ground pound (Unclear if it’s an Amara ability, EDIT seems Zane can also ground pound. Maybe a universal mobility feature)
  • You can revive NPCs and NPCs can revive you
  • Vault hunters continue to interact with characters (Amara talks to Lilith and acknowledges they are both sirens)
  • Characters have three action skills
  • All of them are immediately available and just have to be equipped
  • Three main branches
  • Augments modify the supers and also must be equipped
  • Trees are generally just more complex than previous games
  • Challenges are back in the game and reward eridium (Unclear if it’s the badass system/ EDIT renamed to “Guardian Rank” and challenges are “Crew Challenges”)
  • Radiation is a new element. If an irradiated enemy dies they will explode and hurt the enemies around them.
  • Fire, Corrosive, Shock, Cryo are all returning (Haven’t seen explosive)
  • Zane Flynt is joining the game
  • Loot is instanced (Zane is 25 and sees LV25 guns/Amara is 5 and sees LV5 guns)
  • Everything is balanced to the level of each player
  • Classic mode is a new option that allows you to play using tradional borderlands loot rules (Free for all)
  • Not going into the details of the skill trees so far it has all lined up completely with leaks
  • Zane can use two action skills at a time (One seems to replace the grenade)
  • Not new but guns with legs are awesome and hilarious
  • Tediore guns can explode into MIRV rockets
  • Refill all ammo button added to vending machines
  • Item of the day deals appear on the vending machines without having to click in
  • More boss fights than any of the previous games
  • Game was also described as bigger than previous games
  • Some enemies can drop the guns they are using
  • Loot lost and found has been added. It will grab loot that lands in unreachable places
  • You have player quarters themed to your vault hunter that can be modified with decorations and features
  • Golden chest is back
  • Marcus is taking over for Crazy Earl as the upgrade merchant (Costs cash to upgrade)
  • Moxxi is back as is her slot machines and tip jar
  • Not really new news but it’s confirmed we will be visiting planets beyond the pandoran system
  • Travel animation take place in players view and are initiated by them
  • Can go between planets at will
  • Maya is back and speaks (as is Tannis)
  • Hammerlock gives missions to kill certain beasts and has a trophy room to display kills
  • Elle runs the docking bay
  • Crazy Earl is back with “Veteran Awards”
  • He takes eridium as currency
  • Vehicles can be looked at in the bay
  • Elle runs Catch a Ride
  • Drop Pods get you to a planet
  • Maliwan guns can change elements
  • Zer0 is back
  • Bunch of planets
  • Looks like Cryo can be used to cool a gun?
  • Varkids are back
  • Laser beams are back
  • There are some very big bosses
  • Campaign DLC planned
  • Early guns are better than in previous games
  • There are multiple vaults and vault guardians
  • Environmental diversity was a priority of the team and worlds will be diverse
  • Beyond planets there are small planetoids (like asteriods)
  • There are zero grav sections
  • Vehicles are super customizable
  • Engine, material, weapons, tires, paint job can all be swapped out
  • Outrunner is a dune buggy like vehicle you use on Promethia
  • You can steal vehicles from enemies (Very cool)
  • Collectibles can drop in the world and are tied somehow to Tannis and “The First Vault Hunter”. Find them all in an area unlocks a dead drop chest with special loot
  • Sliding does factor in momentum (and is quicker down hills)
  • Gore is really, really back (Headsplosions)
  • More friendly NPCs out in the world
  • Gun manufacturers are making more than their standard gun types again (i.e. Maliwan shotguns)
  • New U stations are where you respec (Same as always)
  • Just a whole lot of talking from the vault hunter (More than TPS)
  • Cyclone is the giant wheel vehicle
  • Vehicle customization works as parts (The new vehicle types are bodies)
  • Grenade jumping doesn’t appear to work
  • Badass rank has been replaced with “Guardian Rank”. It’s locked till the completion of story missions and includes trees of some kind as well as the pure stat bonuses seen in BL2 and TPS
  • There are assassination targets that function as special events (Zer0 narrates them)
  • Torgue guns shoot out stickies, those stickies explode on reload
  • Lootsploisions from bosses are back
  • A Tediore gun can turn into a turret when thrown until out of ammo (Legendary)
  • Weapon skins can drop off bosses
  • There are manufacturer specific challenges
  • Death comes with a cash penalty (Same as other games)
  • You can see your feet and also your hands when climbing a ladder
  • There is a legendary named “Handsome Jackhammer” it is an SMG whose shield reflects bullets back at enemies
  • Legendary weapons are shown on the minimap
  • Fight for your life mode works the same as previous games
  • There is a legendary that shoots out burgers
  • Sledges Shotgun and the Ogre return from BL1
  • There are player guided rockets available on some Rocket Launchers


I’m pretty sure you missed a bullet or two, but I’ll accept that summary.


I’m a fan of all of this stuff.