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Yes. But not too much otherwise the paint layers and gets to a point where you lose details in the model. Think I’m gonna try a fine tip sharpie and see how that goes. I’ll post some before and after pics


I guess I was just tired when I tried to do details because I tried again today and I am happy with the results. These are just quick cell pics. I’ll snap some with a good camera when done and post them. First pic you can see how crazy off they look if you look at the trooper on the left. Second pic is new and improved and shadow washed.




Ok, getting better. Vader is done except for the base. Even included a red wash to show light from his saber.


Here’s a finished trooper except for the base. Starting to get the hang of it.


Very nice.


I’m impressed


Hit a bit of a wall when school started last week but got back to it last night. Got the AT-RT and the 2 Scouts done


Alright, I’m finally slightly impressed by your shamelessly nerdy hobby. You go, nerd. You go.


Imperials sans painted bases.