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Went to a miniatures painting workshop in preparation for this.

Yes. I actually just wrote that.


I do miss the quote section, do I need to bring that back?

Nevermind, too much maintenance involved.


This game has me seriously erect.


How are your diorama building skills?


Lacking. Don’t care about that though. The core set comes with barricade and I’m sure FF will put out themed play mats. There are some good 3rd party options as well when it comes to trees, buildings, debris etc. Either way, this gonna get expensive. Real fucking fast. And I’m ok with that.



I am half excited and half not excited at all.

I love what they are doing with the re-tooling and love that they are offering conversion kits for some of the past expansions. But in order to be somewhat competetive you really have to money whip this game. It’s because of that I have moved away from this and stayed more with the Star Wars Card Game and Rebellion.


I have sold off my X-Wing mini lot as well as my Star Wars The Card Game lot. In it’s place I have been playing Star Wars Destiny and am about to pull the trigger on buying the Star Wars Legion core set. Both are incredibly easy to pick up and play and use a lot of the X-Wing and CG mechanics but have streamlined the processes. The dice in Destiny make this game play itself and make it so it all comes down to the order in which you play cards and resolve you dice outcomes.

I have been interested in it for a while and Target had the core set on clearance for $10(usually $30) so I dove in. You can buy full expansions for $15 each or Booster packs for $3 a piece. I highly recommend it. If you want to just play casually with friends, family, or random games at your local game shop then you don’t have to sink a lot of money into it. But the tournament players will spend $200-$300 on booster pack “crates” which is basically 1 of every booster pack card for the particular theme. Companies like Covenant sell these “crates”. Crazy people.

I should have my Legion core set and a few add-ons soon.

Kinda bummed to be out of the X-Wing mini game but I just couldn’t afford it anymore. Especially if I wanted to keep pace in the league at the game shop. But this will do for sure.


So board games are P2W now?


I wouldn’t say that is the case with the Star Wars CCG I have played. I have won more than enough using the core set and 1-2 expansions because you still have to use strategy in order to win and FFG does a good job of balancing Destiny.

But yes, that was what X-Wing mini was turning into which is why they are going 2.0 which re-sets a ton of the OP card combos and P2W aspects of it.

But the card games and Rebellion are very balanced.

I think the booster crates are to cut down on the randomness of booster packs. Basically paying to ensure you don’t have a bunch of doubles as they are a blind draw.


CCGs are generally pay-to-win.


Ok, Star Wars Legion is the business. Not as complicated as X-Wing as far as the learning curve goes and so far it doesn’t seem to be the money whip that X-Wing 1.0 was. In XW1 you were almost forced to buy ships you don’t want in order to get cards and upgrades you do want and often times those cards and upgrades we’re overpowered(part of why 2.0 is coming out). While some of the cards and upgrades that come with the expansions can be shared they don’t seem to be overpowered. It’s a lot more balanced.

I picked up the Core set as well as Princess Leia and General Veers. Next I’m looking to get a set of Rebel Commandos as well as Imperial Scouts.

I suspects the painting of said figures will start soon. LOL


I look forward to the painting progress pictures.


Played a few “practice games” with myself so far just to get used to the order of operations. I don’t know why it took me so long to get in on this. I’m affraid I’m about to become “Miniature Painter Guy” and I’m ok with that. Gonna start painting this weekend as well as making my own custom game surface.


Bought brushes, glue, knife, file, paint, and primer. Let’s do this. Gonna start this weekend. Gonna do a few custom looks for some of the Stormtroopers. Nothing big other than a few markings.

Going for these looks with Luke and the Rebels.


Got the pieces spray primed and will start painting tomorrow. I’ll post some pics of the progress then. Here’s a quick one I took before I primed. This was last week when I was gluing them together.


Not off to a good start. Primed using a shake can flat primer. Due to the heat and hummidity it clumped up and isn’t drying right. Glad I tested it on just 1 model. It’s now soaking in a cup of simple green. But I did find out that one can use Gesso, which is a canvas primer, as a way to work indoors in humid areas. Score. I just so happen to have an ass ton of it. Just need to dry brush it on and make it so it’s just a tad tacky. So onwards and upwards.


Here’s a few pics. One with the brush in primer and then one with the base coats.


Ok…this shit hard. Not so sure I’ll be able to pull off some of the small details. Tried detailing the trooper helmets and boy did it look…off? Back to the drawing board


Is it fairly easy to wipe the slate clean and start over?