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Went to a miniatures painting workshop in preparation for this.

Yes. I actually just wrote that.


I do miss the quote section, do I need to bring that back?

Nevermind, too much maintenance involved.


This game has me seriously erect.


How are your diorama building skills?


Lacking. Don’t care about that though. The core set comes with barricade and I’m sure FF will put out themed play mats. There are some good 3rd party options as well when it comes to trees, buildings, debris etc. Either way, this gonna get expensive. Real fucking fast. And I’m ok with that.



I am half excited and half not excited at all.

I love what they are doing with the re-tooling and love that they are offering conversion kits for some of the past expansions. But in order to be somewhat competetive you really have to money whip this game. It’s because of that I have moved away from this and stayed more with the Star Wars Card Game and Rebellion.