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I thought we could start a topic for board games.

I’ve been meaning to give X-Wing a try. I think @Jango has played and enjoyed that one.

I also found this article that sounds incredibly cool. It’s a game you only get to play once.

Do you guys have any favorites you’d recommend?


I wish I could commit 12 months to a single board game, I just don’t ever see it happening. I better start with something a little more entry level.


Man, I love X Wing miniatures. Great game and easy to pick up and play. It also requires a good amout of strategy and despite what the box says can be played as teams. We have a 2v2v2 match going tomorrow at my place. Empire, Rebels, and Bounty Hunters. Can’t wait.


Sounds good, @MrBimble and I will be there to make it 2v2v2v2. What can we bring?


Do you have the Force Awakens version? Do they sell extra mini-figures or did you build your own to expand the number of players?


I have the FA version. You need to have at least one starter set because it comes with dice, movement bars, rules, and everything you need to play. From there you can buy expansion ships and they come with tons of goodies including new gametypes.

They have a ton of expansion ships and range from $13-$70 depending on size and where you get them. Amazon is far and away the best place to get them especially if you have prime.

I have th FA base set, 1 E-Wing, 1 K-Wing, the Falcon, the Outridder, and 4 Tie Fighters.

A friend of mine hs the entire Imperial Tie fleet and between 2 other friends they have the Scum and Villainy fleet.

A 1v1 game will take 30-45mins but a large game like the ones we have been doing can take 90mins.


You guys get around to trying this out? Since the last post I’ve added the Slave 1, Z-95 Head Hunter, A-Wing, B-Wing, and Vader’s Tie Advanced to the collection.

The game is a ton of fun. I’m leaning towards the large ships like the Falcon but am still buying smaller one’s as well. You get booster cards in each expansion that can be used with any ship plus my kids have started playing as well and they like the smaller ones. When my daughter(7yrs) plays we don’t use any upgrades but just use the base weapons so she can get the hang of it. My son(12yrs) though is getting pretty good and uses everything.

Had a friend over the other night and played 4 of his First Order Ties against my Falcon and Outrider. Our match lasted 90mins.

My next purchase will be either this

or I might go really big and get this


Seriously, don’t post this stuff. I was looking at Star Wars micro machines, or whatever they were, by myself at the toy store the other day just thinking “Could I pull this off?”.

Now you show me more detailed, more expensive models that actually add gameplay elements to what sounds like a killer, but pricey, board game.

This is not the kind of stuff I need to see immeditaley after Christmas. But this does convince me to start working on producing some little ones so I can justify buying toys again.


Funny thing is it really isn’t all that pricey. You can pick up a core set for under $30 and the regular/small ships are $9-$14 each on Amazon. I’d say for the price of 1-2 video games you could be well on your way. All it really takes is a friend or two to play with.

My friends and I just found out that the local comic book store has a X-Wing League of Friday nights. Seriously thinking about playing. This store is sweet. 20000sqft of pure nerdom. About half of it is used for table top games. It’s free to use the tables and you can often take your stuff in there and get a pick up game going.

Here’s an overview of how the game mechanics work.


I didn’t end up getting X-Wing for Xmas, but I think I’ll pick it up soon. I did get Risk and also played Ticket to Ride over the holiday break. It was a good time.


There’s a simulator for X-Wing Mini on Steam if you want to try it out.


@Jango, we need your board game geekdom experience, does this show any promise?


You are asking the wrong person. Aside from the Star Wars stuff from FF I’m a total noob.


Our self proclaimed board game aficionado, @Jango, will provide his full review on release!



I will provide a full review on X-Wing if you like. Seriously folks. Give it a shot. So much fun.


Welp, there goes my summer.


Fuck you Fantasy flight.


Been playing Rebellion(shown above) and it is awesome.

Also just picked up their Star Wars Card Game.


The Star Wars Card Game is assaulting my wallet.


My wife bought this for me as a “make-up” gift. Neither of us have regularly played board games, and nothing more complex than Monopoly, but we are both having a great time with Dominion. We even had some friends over last night, one of which is known for not liking board games, and everyone walked away wanting to setup the next game date. Some reviews of this have said it’s a better introductory game than Catan or Carcassonne.

I won’t explain all of the rules, but apparently it falls in to the genre of a Deck Building game. I think that’s what makes it so approachable, there is no complicated board or hundreds of tiny pieces to setup. You just have stacks of cards, and you start with a little bit of treasure and the goal is to slowly grow your deck by buying resources with your treasure to eventually own the most land by the end of the game. Simple to get in to, but a lot of different strategies to be applied to win. I highly recommend anybody check this out if they want a good introduction to your more “complex” board/card games.


This is going to be a serious problem. My friends and I have been hoping for a ground based game like X-Wing miniatures. This was announced yesterday. Good bye family. Good bye money. The game pieces come unpainted but that’s half the fun.