Battlefield V

Battlefield V
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Battlefield V

Battlefield V sees the series return to World War II for the first time in nearly a decade.

Expected Release

October 16, 2018


PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4




Action, First-Person Shooter

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It always starts with a teaser trailer for a teaser trailer…


Well, it’s supposed to start with a thumbnail, but sometimes people don’t follow directions!


Gotta wait for the official logo to show up first, boss!



That’s one of the weirdest, most cluster-fucky Battlefield trailers I’ve ever seen…

I don’t think I’m really gonna enjoy the game if it’s similar to that, unless they’re hiding the official logo and it turns out to be Bad Company 3.

EDIT: The fuck? The dude that gets shot in the back as they breach the house at the beginning is wearing a katana on his back. So is the British(?) officer dude as he jumps out the 2nd floor window. Wearing katanas. In Europe…

EDIT 2: The best part about this? If you watch the live reveal, this bizarre trailer was preceded by a dude saying something along the lines of “The most immersive Battlefield yet.” Hilarious.


I kinda got a Dirty Dozen or Inglorious Bastards vibe. For a franchise that typically goes realism this is an odd reveal. But at the end of the day it’s Battlefield so I’m not writing it off yet.

Just really wish they would have gone full blown futuristic sci- fi




Considering how “unique” all the trailer characters looked, I wonder if they’re going to offer paid skins to cash in on the Battle Royale $$$, side effect being free maps.


I thought I saw that you earn in game credits to unlock cosmetics, but I can’t imagine they won’t have some sort of revenue stream in the game.


I was reading on gamesradar that this is what it sounds like they are doing. They are having seasons like in Fork Knife where you can buy a “Battle Pass” and get skins and other some such.


The lady on the box art looks like Emily Blunt.


So, BFV looks really interesting and I’m kind of excited to see how it all works in game…

…by watching other people play it. Right now, I don’t think BFV is for me. Like PUBG and Fortnite, I like the idea and execution of those games but really have no interest in playing them.



Multiplayer trailer that doesn’t show much. Go figure.


Here’s jackfrag’s video covering the Grand Operations mode. Significantly better than anything EA presented today.



What a better trailer than that hot mess they showed off at E3.


Delayed to 11/20/18 due to crowded release schedule thanks to Red Dead and CoD


Open Beta is out for DL. Played a bunch of it last night. Really liking the feel of this compared to BF1. Maybe it’s the weapon tech? I’m sure I’ll pick this up at some point.


oh? I think I’ll be checking that out.