Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame
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So good—love that ending. It gives away nothing, but builds the hype.


Is Hawkeye finally going to be cool?


Well crap, now I know Hawkeye doesn’t die in Infinity War. I should probably watch that at some point before it’s completely spoiled for me, huh?


Can’t die in Infinity War if you’re not in Infinity War.



The Wasp begs to differ.


Did you not stay for the post-credits scene?


That was my point. They died in a separate movie, not Infinity War. I’m just being difficult.


Actually I had my post-credits scenes flipped, so… yeah.


For those still watching the trailers…



c’mon man, show some respect




I got my tickets for Thursday and Friday.


Got tickets to see the Star Wars EP9 trailer which will apparently be followed by some super hero movie


Noice, that means I can skip the trailers for snacks since our theaters have reserved seating.


Who knew that Marvel leaked the ending of Endgame way back in 1979.


Also, be very careful on the internet for the next week. The movie premiered in a few countries yesterday and spoilers are starting to hit the web, both in text and leaked video.


Media Blackout begins today.